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Hamburg. He will need time to define the most important subject areas and set goals for his first term as CEO, which runs until the end of 2026 Hamburger Sport Bond (HSB) To draft, Daniel Knoblech said in an interview with Abendblatt a few weeks after taking office in January.

Four months later, the 42-year-old delivered. Through the “Work Program 2021-2025”, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Hamburg’s umbrella sport organization, which represents 790 clubs, 52 state federations and 23 members with special missions, has developed a guide that will be made publicly available to the public online next week.

Hamburger Sport Bund: ambitious but undefined

At first glance, the ten areas, which in their order of priorities reflect the management of HSB, read ambitious, but at the same time not sufficiently concrete in parts. To rectify the situation, Knobles, HSB Press Officer Stevie Klein and Martin Malczak, Head of Policy, Communications and Marketing, received the evening newspaper at the “House of Sports” in Schlump.

After all, one thing is especially important for the new administration – Katharina von Kodolich (51 years old) has been at the helm of the HSB for the first time since November 2021: that the new work program is not a fixed instruction, but an offer to all HSB member organizations, participated in its design. “We see ourselves as a source of inspiration and realize that we haven’t yet covered all the topics relevant to our members,” says Daniel Knoblich.

The concept of safe sport aims to protect children

His handwriting can be clearly recognized in the ten-point statement. As long-time managing director of Hamburger Sportjugend, the passionate runner has fought to protect children and young adults from sexual violence. The second point of the action program therefore contains the commitment to create a comprehensive concept of safe sport for organized sport in Hamburg by June. Half of the job is already being funded for this year, and this human resource will be expanded in 2023. According to Noblech, the plan is to require all HSB-supported member organizations to comply with this concept, “so that everyone realizes the importance of the topic to society.”

Only the slogan “Back to the strength of the old membership” has a higher priority in the new guidelines. More than 34,000 memberships were lost during the two-year pandemic. Many clubs are now reporting moderate increases, and some are already running waiting lists again. But especially in the expensive fitness segment, some clients prefer to stay with the online course in their living room. “We’re on the mend, but we’re far from recovering,” Knoblesch says.

500,000 euros to upgrade women and girls

Training of additional qualified trainers and trainers is aimed at speeding up the recovery process – a subsidy of €100,000 has been verbally pledged for around 400 licenses. In addition, HSB wants to learn about new developments at an early stage and develop appropriate offers (eighth point) – and through the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) also wants to organize a nationwide campaign for Hamburg-related topics, such as the promotion of e – Sports (fifth point).

In particular, the decline in the number of women members – presumably caused by the fact that women have been increasingly challenged at home during the pandemic, and since the majority of indoor sports fans have been excluded from club operations for a longer period of time – must now be reversed. . The citizenship provided additional funds of €500,000 for measures to return girls and women to organized sport. “We can also see that the coupon campaign has been very successful. Our membership is divided into two-thirds male and one-third female, with our coupons in a 50:50 ratio. This is encouraging,” says Knoblech.

The concept of sustainability is also planned

The city, HSB and the Gymnastics and Recreational Association (VTF) issued 20,000 vouchers worth €80 via the “#sportVEREINtuns” campaign, and another 2,500 were activated last weekend. The massive energy costs, which could force clubs with their own sports facilities to raise their fees, dramatically in some cases threaten to frustrate the voucher campaign. So Noblech wants to toughen negotiations with the city in order to achieve energy cost subsidies.

The fourth point of great importance in this context is the development of the concept of sustainability, which HSB management would like to give itself up to 2025. As the city will in the future link the allocation of funding for sport to the proof of concept of sustainability, rapid action is required – but like most clubs, associations and regulators, HSB is not adequately positioned in this area. “The concept of sustainability is the biggest challenge in the entire program of work, we are not yet ready to be able to provide the right assistance to our members here,” says Daniel Knoblech.

No wonder, after all, of the 60 employees of HSB, which covers an annual budget of about 20 million euros, just over half are assigned to their duties full-time. For six of the ten subject areas, there are already ideas or concepts to be worked on. However, normal tasks such as promoting young competitive sports – which have suffered so much from failure due to Corona – or dealing with sports infrastructure projects are energy-intensive. The latter is not primarily the job of HSB, which, however, hired a new Head of Sports Infrastructure at Tina Hartz at the beginning of April and played an important role as an intermediary between provinces and clubs.

It is not yet possible to budget for the implementation of the program of work, “we will not be able to determine exactly what money we need until 2025, until then we will move forward on the horizon,” says Daniel Knoblech. After city scholarships surfaced during the pandemic years, Martin Malczak expects tough times for organized sports from the fall. The current sports funding contract runs until 2024. For 2022, grants of €10,611,000 have been pledged.

Hamburger Sport Bond gives event information

Stevie Klein can report that despite all the hardships, Corona also had a good thing. “During the crisis we have reached a new level of communication, and we are in much more intense contact with both the city and our member organizations,” says the HSB spokeswoman. However, one wants to try to reach out to smaller clubs that do not have a specialist in journalism or better communication. All HSB and Youth Sports support programs will be presented at a summer media event.

“It is about listening, being present and understanding. We want to take everyone with us on this journey,” says Daniel Knoblech. Everyone who knows Hamburg knows how much hard work awaits on this path. But the basis for ensuring that the path leads to the goal is laid out in the draft programme. .

Ten point plan

  1. Back to the old membership power
  2. Protection of memberships in organized sport (safe sport)
  3. Promote gender equality
  4. Develop the concept of sustainability by 2025
  5. Strategic development of the political network
  6. Structural reinforcement of voluntary commitment
  7. Expansion of digitization procedures
  8. Promote new show formats
  9. Setting a vision for the future of sports in 2040
  10. Further development of existing areas of work

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