How agriculture in Württemberg Allgäu has a future

Everything must be done to make agriculture viable in the future while not losing sight of the health and welfare of the animals. In addition, nutritional and environmental goals must be achieved.

This became apparent on the Vespel family’s farm in Haslach near Kißlegg, when Peter Hooke (CDU), Secretary of State for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection, discovered more recently. Also stop at the Allgäu Emmental cheese dairy in Leupolz. There was on the topic of hay milk.

Little food is produced

“Big companies are watching with eagle eyes,” said Hook, who came to Kißlegg at the suggestion of CDU MP Raymond Hasser. Other participants from the District Farmers’ Association endorsed his assessment that very little food is produced in all regions of the country and that farms must perform other functions in addition to milk production, particularly in relation to “plant nutrition”.

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In this context, association president Franz Schonberger recalled the farmer’s death and said: “He who stops will no longer be replaced.” Mayor Dieter Krattenmacher also pleaded with attendees not to “let the foundation sever” in light of “halving agriculture” and cultural change. He pointed out that our structure is based on family businesses. The task of politics is to create conditions so that we can live well here.”

Bauer invests 1.5 million euros

After master butcher Philip Sontag reported on the “massacre on the original farm,” Robert Wispel took guests on a tour of his property, which at the time afforded a wonderful view of the green trees and yellow meadows. It was learned that the barn built in 1983 had become very small over time and had to be expanded in 2016. This is how a supported stall barn with 164 places for cows was created. The cost was 1.5 million euros.

However, the old buildings in the lower part of the courtyard are still in use. Primarily for the calves, which live here in the former small stalls of cattle as they mature, in order to “climb to the new stalls”. “It is important that they familiarize themselves with the milking robot before birth,” Wispel said.

What does a modern yard look like

Spacious, bright and equipped with underfloor heating, two milking robots and an electric fan-fed impeller that can be adjusted according to the weather, the new building shows itself to its best. In one area you will find “dry cows”. When asked why these cows are called by that name, the farmer explained: “They are about to give birth and no longer provide milk. The udder took time to regenerate before the new task.”

Only recently, says Robert Wispel, was a new calf born. Since the mother’s name is California, the cub also gets a name that begins with the same letter: Celie. Someone wanted to know if he really knew all the names of his animals. Wasp agreed. At the very least, he says, he was matching the names to the number of each cow.

slept with earth and labor

You can feel how much this 45-year-old has grown in his country and his business. Since he was a child, he wanted nothing more than to be a farmer. Just like his grandfather before him and his father George to this day, who actively supports him. In addition to the employee Johannes, the women of Hoff and Wispel are of course on his side: his wife Birgit and his mother Luzia. And Robert Wispel Trains. A young man drives his van from Vangin every day.

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How dry is the soil? Weather expert warns of increased risk of wildfires

It was also interesting to learn that the wasps came up with ‘Omira Lactalis’ and that her milk was labeled ‘Alpenmilch’. “If you spot this label on a chocolate wrapper with a purple cow, you can assume our milk has been processed into it,” says Robert Wispel, which isn’t without pride.

Cheese factory invests ten million

At the Allgäu Emmental cheese dairy in Leupolz, Minister Hauk learned that the company is currently investing about ten million euros in the construction of a new cheese production hall and in the supply of new steam. According to the announcement, internal work is currently underway and everything will be ready in September.

The hay and hay-milk economy is also currently recovering in Baden-Württemberg. Cheese-dairy is a member of the Arge Heumilch and is supplied with milk by about 150 companies from the Allgäu/Upper Swabia region. Austria is a role model here, as marketing hay milk has been promoted since 2009 and now has an awareness level of 87 percent.

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