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For many kids, the holidays are the best time of the year. Summer holidays in particular often last for a very long time. So it’s a good idea for parents to have some ideas to offer about how fun free time can be. This guide shares some tips and tricks for the holiday season and explains how to make it an unforgettable time for kids and adults alike. © Andrehash CCO Public Domain – The time you spend together is the best thing about the holidays.

projects in nature

Summer holidays are ideal to spend quality time in nature and experience adventures there. For example, it is very interesting to build a house on a tree and go on adventures there. The nice thing about it: building is a lot of fun and takes a few days. The tree house can then be used for cool games. In addition, all family members can participate in the project and contribute their personal skills.

Many children also find it cool to make ships out of wood and let them float on the river. Others like to write long, detailed letters that they send in a message in a bottle. It’s also fun to light a campfire in a convenient location. The wood is collected and a fire is lit and then you can prepare marshmallows on top of it. Combined with a thrilling story, this evening becomes one of the highlights of the holidays.

Visiting zoos

Many children are excited to explore the zoos during the holidays. This is of course because of the many wonderful animals out there. If you ask children what they like most about the zoo, many will mention the adventure playground. This is because many zoos go to great lengths to design unusual and exciting playgrounds. At the same time, many children are excited about the petting zoo. Here they closely interact with animals, can pet, feed and make friends with them.

It’s a great idea to explore the best zoos in the area during the holidays. At the zoo in their hometown, the kids are often on their hiking days with school. On the other hand, taking a train together to a city or other place is a great adventure and learning how to set up zoos there. Often such trips can be completed in a day trip. However, for distant zoos, it might be a good idea to spend the night there so you don’t have to take the train home completely exhausted in the evening.

Enjoy a family vacation

For many, a family vacation by the sea is the best way to spend the festive season. © 45 CCO Public Domain – For many, a family vacation by the sea is the best way to spend the festive season.

The highlight of summer vacation is a family vacation together. Here children have the opportunity to learn about and explore completely new worlds. City kids especially love being by the sea and playing on the beach. They are also excited to go on mountain hikes and experience the summit. What is especially nice about such a family holiday is that all family members participate and take time for each other.

In order for the family vacation to be fully successful, it is important to find suitable accommodation. This kid-friendly hotel in South Tyrol is ideal for a family holiday. From here it is easy to make wonderful excursions into the surrounding nature or to reach the capitals and large cities. It is important that the property organizes a great program for children and provides an atmosphere in which the offspring will feel completely comfortable.

Be active in sports

During the holidays it is very interesting to be active in sports and to push your limits. Kids are excited about swimming, among other things. Here it does not matter whether it is a trip to a comfortable quarry pond or to a large pleasant hanging pond. Here children can learn to swim and have a great time walking around and snorkeling. However, it is important that the offspring is always supervised while swimming.

Other families decided to go on long bike rides in the surrounding area. There is always the opportunity to take picnic breaks, go for a swim, visit a museum, or try an adventurous forest trail. In addition, many children can be found in climbing parks during the summer holidays. Here you can climb among the crowns of tall trees, which are well secured. But there should also be time during the holidays to play soccer, mini golf, and go hiking.

Insect research and support

There are a huge number of insects in the world that are useful to humans. So it is worth taking trips to a field or a forest and find out what insects live there. Some, such as spiders or earthworms, can be collected and closely monitored for a while. Here it is important to take care of the animals and give them everything they need. In this way, children playfully learn something about the world around them and overcome their fear of insects or other small animals.

Since insects are very important to humanity, an insect-friendly environment should be created as much as possible. The flowers that bees absolutely need can be grown in your own garden. In this way, you can create your own little family and provide a friendly environment for animals. Moreover, individual insect hotels for the garden are very popular. With a little luck, the insects will settle in the garden, making it a place full of joy. The preparations and taking care of the family and the hotel are full of fun and a great project that can continue beyond the holidays.


The beauty of kids is that they are quick and easy to get excited about. Parents should try to introduce their children to a wide range of fun activities during the holidays. In this way, children expand their horizons, acquire new skills and have a lot of fun doing them. It is important to consider children’s interests and personalities and to do things that work for them. Summer vacation is over, but many beautiful and unforgettable memories remain.

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