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In the summer, many Swiss go on excursions in their cars or on vacation. The Dose Control System (TCS) provides advice on optimal vehicle setup and correct equipment. Proper behavior on the road is also important to make the summer as enjoyable as possible.

Long days and summer temperatures affect road traffic, as it does every year. However, the desire for freedom and travels should not make you forget some basic rules. In order to be safe on the road, TCS draws attention to correct behavior.

Tips for driving in the heat

Above all, the coolant level should be checked to prevent the engine from overheating or not cooling enough. If the coolant level is low or if the warning light turns on, we recommend motorists to stop as soon as possible and contact roadside assistance. An extra two kilometers is often enough to cause engine damage, which can lead to higher costs. As for the interior, many motorists do not realize that the interior of the car can heat up under the scorching sun. In fact, TCS tests have shown that temperatures in cars can reach 50 degrees in a short time and even reach over 80 degrees after just 45 minutes. It is therefore highly recommended not to leave children or pets in the car, as their lives can be put at risk very quickly.

Neither in slippers nor barefoot

There are a few basic rules to follow when driving a car or buggy: While driving, the driver and front passenger must always be seated and seat belts properly fastened. A driver should not do this barefoot, in slippers or sandals. Although the SVG does not prohibit such shoes, it does stipulate that the driver should not impede the driving of his vehicle and should always be able to control it. These shoe models can reduce pressure on the pedals, especially when braking hard. In addition to the safety aspect, in the event of an accident, drivers who wear bad shoes risk a fine, losing their driver’s license or having their insurance benefits reduced due to gross negligence.

Motorcyclists and scooter riders: dress appropriately, even in summer!

On motorcycles and scooters, attention should be paid to the appropriate equipment for passengers and passengers, starting with a helmet that complies with the ECE-22-05 standard. TCS recommends wearing a full-face helmet, which provides full protection, but a jet helmet can also be used in warm weather. Regardless of the model, a helmet should never be worn while riding. Despite the heat, it is necessary to wear reinforced pants with a jacket with back protection and, if possible, an integrated airbag. Even if there are garments made of reinforced textiles, leather is the ideal material to protect against friction in the event of a fall. Light-colored and perforated brown models reduce the temperature. The shoes with a compact structure provide the best protection for the feet. Even on short trips, flip-flops, sandals and light sneakers should be avoided. CE approved gloves with fist, finger and edge protection provide the best hand protection. There are also models that are especially suitable for summer temperatures.

On the go by bike and e-bike: Ventilated helmet and well-filled water bottle

Excursions by bike or e-bike also require the right equipment. To avoid serious head injuries in the event of a fall, TCS recommends that all cyclists wear a helmet that complies with the EN 1078 standard. There are models with ventilation holes that reduce temperature and thus increase comfort. Wearing clothing that allows freedom of movement is essential. Likewise, the shoe must be adapted to lighten the load and avoid slipping off the pedal, even over a short distance. It is also essential to have a drink with you to stay hydrated even in the heat. It is always advised to stop drinking briefly to avoid falls and accidents.

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