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Police Headquarters West Palatinate


Kaiserslautern (OTS)

   - Gemeinsame Pressemitteilung des Polizeipräsidiums Westpfalz und 
     der Bundespolizeiinspektion Kaiserslautern -

Next Friday, May 20, 2022, in Pittsburgh, the focus is on promotion to the second division. In the first leg of the relegation stage, 1. FC Kaiserslautern welcomes Dynamo Dresden to Fritz Walter Stadium. Departure at 8:30 pm. The return leg is scheduled to take place in Dresden on Tuesday 24 May.

A ‘Full House’ is expected on Betzenberg for the first game, and all tickets are pre-sold. This means that about 48,000 football fans will make the pilgrimage to Kaiserslautern. Therefore, in addition to after-work and weekend traffic, a large amount of traffic is expected in and around Barbarossa on Friday. The police therefore recommend that all visitors arrive as soon as possible and be given enough time.

Important note: due to an event, the exhibition center is not available for parking. And since the trip to the game takes place during normal retail hours, normal parking spaces in the city area should also be fairly occupied. Therefore, fans from the region in particular are advised to use public transportation to reach the city.

Game visitors arriving via the motorway must use the A6 if possible due to the condition of the construction site and exit KL-Ost. Here is a “Schweinsdell” parking sign. The Park & ​​Ride service starts from there at 6pm parallel to the stadium opening. Buses run every 5 to 10 minutes.

More information about the P+R service is provided by 1. FCK on its website https://fck.de/de/stadion/anfahrt/ and from Kaiserslautern at https://s.rlp.de/9Vb8O

The same goes for those arriving by the highway: start early and leave the right time! Reason: The A6 is currently being renewed between Kaiserslautern-West and Enkenbach-Alsenborn. Delays and congestion can occur in this area.

For West Palatinate Police Headquarters and the Federal Police, the safety of all visitors to the stadium (and of course all other guests in the city area) is the top priority. Meeting fans of both teams should be avoided as much as possible, which means that police will separate fans – as far as they can be seen – on their way to and from the stadium.

Due to the expected large number of visitors, there may be a short-term closure around Elf-Freunde-Kreissel before and after the match. The accompanying waiting periods should of course be as short as possible for everyone; However, delays are not always avoidable. The police would like to thank all fans, residents and road users for their understanding.

In order to have a better overview of the traffic situation and the arrival and departure of the fans, the police helicopter will also operate on match day. The police are doing their best to minimize potential noise pollution.

In particular, we appeal to all visitors to the game to respect the rules of fair play on and off the field. Despite all the enthusiasm, the focus should be on sports. And if you do not follow the rules of the game, then you should expect the intervention of the police – this means: criminal offenses will not be tolerated!

In this context, the West Palatinate Police Command and the Federal Police are calling for the avoidance of fireworks of any kind. Fireworks are dangerous and have no place in football stadiums and fans! In the case of violations, those responsible are threatened with criminal charges – either for (attempting) bodily harm or for violating the Explosives Act.

In addition, the Federal Police announces that criminal acts on trains or stations will also be constantly reported. Anyone ignoring the rules here should expect, for example, a future ban on transfers by the Deutsche Bahn or a stadium ban across the country.

Special rules also apply in and around Fritz-Walter-Stadion on match day. The city administration has established a “glass-free zone” and an alcohol ban. The affected area is indicated on the attached map.

The latest information before, during and after the match is also available via the Kaiserslautern Police Twitter channels https://twitter.com/polizei_kl and the Federal Police https://twitter.com/bpol_koblenz | cry

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