Possibility of flash floods – Hurricane risk increases

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Summer really starts now. Even 30 degrees makes us sweat. The weather is still explosive. After the humid heat, heavy thunderstorms accompanied by thunderstorms are brewing again.

Update from May 18, 5:50 PM: Most people still remember the devastating storm after heavy rains in the Ahr Valley last summer. Similar incidents may occur again in parts of Germany on Thursday and Friday (May 19-20). Meteorologist Jan Schenk from weather channel Warns of heavy rain.

On Thursday at about 5 pm thunderstorms are supposed to erupt from the Rhineland to East Frisia. It brings hail and strong winds of up to 100 km/h near thunderstorms. There will be heavy rain. 30 liters per hour and square meters is possible. This is enough to cause local flash floods, such as the focus mentioned.

It should crack again on Friday. Heavy rainfall occurs in a strip from Cologne to Berlin. It seems certain that supercells are forming. This also increases the risk of hurricanes.

Heavy rain is expected to begin in the west around noon. Heavy thunderstorms expected starting at three in the afternoon. to me the focus In these severe storms, up to 100 liters of rain can fall from the sky in just two hours.

Update May 18 at 9:43 am: Today is summer high. Its temperature reaches 31 degrees on the Rhine, Moselle and the Saar. The German Weather Service (DWD) is expecting a little chill – maximum values ​​of 20 to 24 degrees – in the far northeast and southeast on Wednesday. But the high pressure zone “Jannis” is shifting from the Baltic Sea to Poland. “In the process, very warm to hot air reaches central Europe from the south, which is also relatively humid and unstable in the western parts of the country,” says DWD.

Severe weather potential in Germany: Tornado threat is increasing

Still calm. In the next 24 hours, DWD weather experts are not expecting any “weather phenomena warning” (as of May 18, 10:12 a.m.). According to the current forecast, scattered thunderstorms are expected only in Lower Saxony and Bremen, as well as in North Rhine-Westphalia (see list below).

before the storm Hurricane danger But meteorologists warn Thursday And Friday. In the Ruhr and the Rhineland, a “severe thunderstorm with increased likelihood of severe weather” threatens: hail (by 3 cm), Heavy rain (40 mm in a short time) and Sometimes strong winds (up to 100 km / h).

  • Lower Saxony and BremenWednesday afternoon and evening isolated west of Weser and in the Harz . mountains Thunderstorm with heavy rain up to 25 l / m², storms About 75 km/h (Bft 9) hail Low probability.
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: Today, a few thunderstorms are not completely ruled out, especially in the Eifel. Locally limited heavy rain of 15-25 L/m2 and wind gusts of up to 60 km/h (Bft 7) can occur within a short time. And on Thursday a storm will come from the west.

Update from May 18, 6:35 a.m.: May it continue to provide us with plenty of sunshine and temperatures at the beginning of summer. Wednesday will be the next sunny day, especially in the west and south there are hardly any clouds in the sky. During the day there may be short localized thunderstorms over the North Sea, such as weather.com mentioned. Otherwise, it stays dry – and hot! In the east, the temperature rises to 27 degrees, in the west it reaches 32 degrees.

But on Thursday and Friday there will be quite a commotion! A depression is approaching from the north, and hot air from Africa with a temperature of about 30 degrees is flowing towards us from the south (see first report below). “With respect to the bottom line, the air mass becomes unstable,” she says. weather.com. (See first report below). First, western Germany will be affected by heavy showers and thunderstorms. Warning: Locally there can be hail, severe storms, and even flooded cellars. After all, the east of the country should still be preserved.

Friday should crack after that in almost all of Germany. Heavy rain and thunderstorms may fall, especially in the middle. In the south it will only be annoying sometimes, but it will probably be more violent. At the beginning of the weekend it will still be hot, the temperature can reach 34 degrees.

Update from May 17, 5:58 PM: You can still enjoy summer weather almost everywhere in the country. As of Tuesday evening, temperatures remain between 18 degrees in the North Sea and as high as 26 degrees in Trier. The sun shines almost everywhere. Only in the east are there light isolated showers. But only Wednesday and Thursday we will have good weather. Severe thunderstorms are expected Thursday evening.

Supercells move to Germany: in one area “there is a particularly violent explosion” – there is even a danger of a hurricane

First report from May 17, 2022:

Munich – Record temperatures. Hot air masses flood Germany. Wednesday promises great summer weather at 30 degrees. High “Jannis” prevails in the weather in Germany. It’s just a midweek break. Because on Thursday and Friday strong threats again Thunderstorm with heavy rain, hail and wind.

The high “Yannis” prevails and ensures calm summer weather on Wednesday. © DWD

Severe weather alert in Germany: Thunderstorm with large hail and ‘potential for hurricane’

“Thunderstorms can regulate themselves better. Individual supercells can occur and this increases the risks of severe weather,” explains Lars Dahlström. wetterkanal.kachelmannwetter.com. In addition to heavy rain, there may also be violent thunderstorms, strong winds and tornadoes in the strongest thunderstorms Thursday. Bigger hail is also possible.

There is also some hurricane potential in the West. But no more can be said yet, weather expert Dahlstrom confirms. It is not possible to say for sure two days ago. “We’re not spreading panic here,” Dallstrom stresses. However, a local event of this kind cannot be ruled out.

The first thunderstorms are expected on Thursday, as forecast by meteorologist Dominic Jung of the Meteorological Service q dead. “Then it will get increasingly hot, and then there will be a massive explosion, especially in the west,” the weather expert predicts. The focus could be around North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) “with a severe, severe thunderstorm that has it all”. Heavy rain, hail and climb It will be possible here. “Even the formation of hurricanes cannot be ruled out.”

Storm condition in Germany: DWD warns of severe thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday

The German Weather Service (DWD) expects thunderstorms, some severe, with severe weather likely later in the afternoon. Heavy rain, hail, storms, and high frequencies of lightning In the northwest and west. Strong thunderstorms are also possible in the Black Forest and at the edge of the Alps. Heavy rain, hail, storms, and high lightning frequencies.

And extended strong thunderstorms at night until Friday to the center of the country. After a brief lull in the weather in the second half of the night, new thunderstorms with thunderstorms will appear during the day on Friday. Center of gravity over central Germany. “Once again dramatically increased the likelihood of severe weather,” DWD’s current forecast states. According to DWD, there is only a “low probability of thunderstorms” in the far north and in the south away from the mountains. However, the exact path of the thunderstorm responsible for this remains to be seen, and can be read on the DWD website.

Weather in Germany: The 30-degree mark will be broken in the next few days

  • Wednesday 18 May: Maximum values ​​are between 25 and 31 degrees on the Rhine and Moselle. Only on the sea, in western Pomerania and southeastern Bavaria it will remain slightly cold at 19 to 24 degrees, according to the German Weather Service (DWD) in its forecast.
  • Thursday (May 19): Wave to Hot – DWD expects maximum values ​​between 26 and 32 degrees on Thursday. In the North Sea with cold winds on the shore with values ​​​​of about 20 degrees.
  • Friday (20 May): Great in the north from 20 to 25 degrees, in the middle from 25 to 30 degrees, and in the south up to 33 degrees.

According to the current forecast, it will be slightly cooler in the north from this weekend. It remains to be seen if summer air masses in the south can hold out much longer. “There are still doubts,” says meteorologist Dominic Young. For now, it looks like it’s going to be a perfectly warm week. (Ml)

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