Postponing advising on the future of the Hotel Management School in Pegnitz – Pegnitz

– The two-year period for Hotel Management School is not over yet. That’s why a majority in the Culture and Social Affairs Committee on Monday refused to make a decision on the facility’s future.

According to the agenda, the committee should start consultations. But nothing came of it. Immediately at the beginning of the meeting, Frank Dirle, CSU, suggested adjourning the deliberations. Justify it this way: there are still two months left until the end of the biennium. The Strategy Committee has also taken a number of measures. It remains to be seen if they will work and whether the number of registrations will increase again.

Reliability requirement

As Dierl said on demand, current registrations are above the previous average. A requirement for reliability is to wait for the specified deadline to expire. A previous decision sends the wrong signal. Diearl said by phone that it was important to avoid the impression that the committee wanted to bury the hotel management school.

County Administrator Florian Weidmann of the Liberal Voters party responded at the meeting: The decision on the hotel management school was made by the county council, which didn’t meet until later. The Commission, as the recommended body, shall discuss and decide on this matter. But the majority did not want to follow through on Monday because there was a decision.

review: In July 2020, the District Council decided to continue with the Hotel Management School for another two years without the required minimum number of students. The resolution also stipulated the formation of a strategic group that would accompany the school’s administration and management with concepts for the school’s continuation and development. After two years, an assessment of the school’s future prospects should follow. Therefore, the scheduled continuation for another two years will end at the end of the 2021/2022 academic year.

number of students: There are currently six applications for the two-year course. This is the draft resolution. There are twelve applications for the three-year course at the vocational school.

Good development in the beginning: The Hotel Management School was established at the beginning of the academic year 1990/1991. I followed the School of Hotel Management in the 1997/1998 academic year. Meanwhile, the flow of people to both schools was very good. In 2012, a total of 184 students attended the two facilities.

Then regression: In recent years, the number of students has decreased rapidly. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, in the school sector due to the abolition of half-year classes at the Hotel Management School and the rotation with the Hotel Management School in Bad Kissingen. However, the Corona pandemic has also contributed significantly to this.

To counteract this decline, the three-year vocational school for hotel and tourism management assistants was introduced. An attempt was made to appeal to a larger group of applicants with simple entry requirements.

In the current academic year, only 14 students attend Hotel Management School (Professional Level). The vocational school currently has a total of 22 students enrolled. Of these, there are nine students in the three-year vocational school and a total of 13 students in the two-year vocational school.

If no further registrations are added to the above-mentioned registrations, only six pupils will attend Hotel Management School in the next academic year. From the management’s point of view, the opening of a new category would be disproportionate due to the small number of registrations. Based on currently available enrollments, the vocational school will enroll a total of 21 students in the next academic year, along with the remaining students. In addition, with current enrollments, the minimum number of students of 16 has not yet been reached.

big deficit: In general, it can be said that the average annual deficit is about 550 thousand euros. As for the remaining employees, socially acceptable or other potential tasks will have to be found in case of early complete closure.

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