Red Roses: The Inken Ferryman is back! But it looks so different

“Red flowers”
Enkin Farman is dating – but not her actress

“Red Roses”: Inken Fährmann (left) has returned to Lüneburg.

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News of the current series in the GALA tape: “Red Roses”: Inken Fährmann’s return to Lüneburg +++ “With all friendship”: the sad reason for Dr. Dizziness fits of Heilmann +++ angry fans of “Storm of Love” about the new story.

News of the series in the tape GALA

May 16 2022

‘Red Roses’: Enkin Farman returns to Lüneburg with a new actress

The character “Red Roses” Inken Fährmann will appear again in the telenovela. However, fans should not recognize them: viewers still know Tatiana Blacher, 66, as the wife of Nikos Saravakos (Marcus Graf, 69). However, Blacher will not return in the new episodes – actress Julia Weeden, 54, will play the character Inken in the future.

Inken Fährmann’s last appearance was in 2019 in the 16th season. In general, Blacher was in front of the camera for two years in this role. Inken will return on Wednesday, June 15, in Episode 3581. In the context of the plot, Inken will meet her husband, Jacob Farman (Matthew Carrier, 72), who is believed to be dead. It remains to be seen the impact of this interview on her current marriage to Nikos, who will also return to Lüneburg with Enken.

May 16 2022

In every friendship: Dr. Hillman makes a shocking self-diagnosis

“In All Friendship” Veteran d. Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann, 67) suffers from sudden episodes of dizziness, tinnitus, and frequent, prolonged fainting. To ensure that patients’ lives are not put at risk during operations, the surgeon has now been released from operations. While colleague Dr. Kathryn Globusch (Andrea Katherine Luig, 55) suspects that physical symptoms point to a psychological cause, Hillman himself is convinced that it must be something physical.

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Soon it turned out that Hellman had a tumor in his left ear. He asks his friend and colleague d. Martin Stein (Bernhard Petermann, 57) to take on the surgery, who agreed after a moment of hesitation. While Hillman dismisses the procedure as routine—also to calm himself—Dr. Stone everything is completely different. The following episodes will show how true Hellmann is.

May 16 2022

‘Love Storm’: Michael and Caroline’s story does not appeal to fans

Viewers of “Storm of Love” feared it for a long time: when Catherine Anne Hess, 36, introduced herself as Caroline Lambrecht in an Instagram post from the series’ official account, some fans were alarmed. At the latest when I mentioned in passing that she was with Dr. Michael Nederpool (Eric Altenkopf, 53) studied and was in a band with him, and quite a few fans suspected evil, after all, the relationship between Michael and Rosalie Engel (Natalie Allison, 43) is going well.

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Now the fears have been confirmed: Michael confesses his feelings for Caroline. The upcoming episodes and weeks will show what that means for their friendship – and especially Michael Brusale’s relationship. But viewers are already very angry about the next course of action. One angry fan wrote: “It bothers me so much that Michael and the beautiful Rosalie’s relationship is destroyed for no apparent reason. I don’t think it’s a good idea to fire Rosalie! She’s so cool, always such ridiculous breaks”, the viewer goes straight to the film production team” Storm of Love”. The emerging relationship between the two, at least from a fan’s point of view, isn’t under a good star.

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