Scorpio and Scorpio: This says your partner horoscope!

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Scorpio and Scorpio – do two of this zodiac sign go together? We’ll tell you what constitutes a relationship between two like-minded Scorpios and how the two water signs get along in bed. You can find out all about this special connection here!

It can be the most beautiful thing in the world or it can end in chaos: a relationship between two of the same zodiac signs. Sometimes it means pure harmony and sometimes it is anything but simple. Repetition of certain traits of the zodiac character can lead to turmoil and trouble.

However, a connection between two like-minded people can bring with it a lot of beautiful things at the same time! Because two Scorpios can empathize well with the other and their personality. They know the weaknesses of each zodiac sign like no other.

So I really like and would love to join! If both partners pay attention to one thing or the other, something wonderful can happen between two Scorpios.

You can now find out all about the relationship between Scorpio and Scorpio here! Plus: This is how you spot watermarks in bed!

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Scorpio and Scorpio – are they compatible?

From an astrological point of view, two Scorpios can really shine! Otherwise there is a huge commotion between these two. sexy connection!

Scorpios are very emotional! Their emotions are just pouring out of them – so when two Scorpios meet, it’s pure passion and excitement!

But jealousy also plays a major role in a Scorpio relationship! Because Scorpio wants his partner all for himself and does not tolerate him if his lover wants to spend time alone.

Since in a relationship two Scorpios both move in the same way, a power struggle often arises. Every part wants to put his pants on and say where to go. It is not uncommon for Scorpios to use leverage for this.

Scorpios will do anything to keep their partner loyal. What may directly mean the end of other relationships activates the relationship here and even warms up the emotional life.

Even if Scorpios are alike or because of their similarities, there are always violent arguments between the two. Just as the struggle is done with enthusiasm, so is the matched afterward!

What a Scorpio can always count on in a relationship with a like-minded partner is that the partnership is important to both of them. Despite all the difficulties and problems that the two of them have to deal with, the relationship has never been called into question.

Because even though Scorpios are very emotional and act out of passion, a hasty relationship ending isn’t a problem.

The biggest challenge that arises in the relationship between two Scorpios is that they both have to learn to be considerate of the other. They always used to think, but it just doesn’t work that way in an equal relationship.

Lower their ego, put others first, and consider each other – if Scorpios do this, they will have a beautiful and exciting relationship with each other.

What distinguishes the relationship?

What defines the relationship between two Scorpios is that they are willing to give everything for each other and fight for the partnership – whatever happens.

They have a strong sense of teamwork and trust each other. Not always everything is perfect with these two very passionate people, but they always try to unite themselves.

Give up? nothing. When they realize that they are meant for each other, they fight with all their might for this partnership.

This relationship is also characterized by the fact that they both play open cards. They tell their partner in no uncertain terms what does not suit them – regardless of the consequences.

But since both partners are similar in this respect, they do not consider it a mistake either. They value the honesty of others and do not take criticism personally.

Scorpio and Scorpio in bed

The passion of the two watermarks is clearly visible between the sheets. They like to put all their energy into their love life.

As critical and cerebral as a Scorpio can be in everyday life, their nature changes 180 degrees in bed. She is wild, unrestrained and cheerful.

No night like the other. Scorpios love variety in bed and are always on the lookout for it. They don’t want to get bored because that wouldn’t bode well for the entire partnership.

Sex is often an outlet for both. When difficulties arise in everyday relationships, they like to resolve them through making love. There they can shake off the force, play their power games and say what’s going on.

The big challenge here too is that they take each other into consideration and don’t just see their satisfaction as the goal. Respecting your partner’s wishes – that’s what Scorpio should do. Because then the passion stays great and the love stays hot!

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3 love secrets for a Scorpio relationship

In order for things to work out well between two like-minded Scorpios, they must take these three love secrets to heart.

  1. Relationship at eye level! Power games over who wears the pants is the order of the day for Scorpios. Meeting your partner as an equal – this is the number one secret of an equal relationship!
  2. Thinking! Allowing others to go first and consider each other is everything and the end of everything in a Scorpio relationship. This strengthens the partnership!
  3. Leave space! You shouldn’t and shouldn’t spend every second together. It may also be good to spend some time alone, the joy of each other is greater.

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