Silent Hill for PS5: Bloober Team doesn’t want to “officially” confirm work yet

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The all-new Silent Hill is rumored to work in the Sony PS5. The Bloober team is also said to be working on a Silent Hill 2 remake.

Update from 05/18/2022: Now Bloober Team Leader Piotr Babieno speaks in an interview with IGN. We remember that the Polish developer is said to be working on a remake of Silent Hill 2. The game is said to have been completely overhauled and given new animations, opponent AI, puzzles and even different endings. When asked about the rumors, Papineau commented on the sidelines of the Polish Games Conference digital dragon Now obscure, but basically unambiguous for IGN:

We cannot comment on what we are doing now, because of course we value the relationships with our partners. So we can’t say anything. We will announce our future projects as soon as possible. Then you will know more. [Lachen] officially.

Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team – vs IGN

One official So there is no confirmation from the Bloober team on Silent Hill 2 yet. Between the lines, there’s plenty to suggest a reunion with James Sunderland in Silent Hill. In another context of the conversation, Babieno also emphasized that it is very important for the Bloober team to maintain technical sovereignty when working on a third-party IP. If you cannot put your own role in the game you are working on, this costly work will be useless for the developer.

Silent Hill likely to be a PS5 exclusive – a Part 2 remake apparently in the works too

The original message was dated May 17, 2022: Hamburg – A new Silent Hill is at the top of the gaming wishlist for gamers. Since developer legend Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro failed to reimagine the franchise, he’s been quiet about another part in the series. But now it looks like things are starting to appear behind the scenes in Silent Hill again. Konami is said to be working with Sony on a new Silent Hill that will be exclusive to the Sony PS5. Meanwhile, a reboot of the favorite Silent Hill 2 series is said to be in the works. Polish horror professionals from the Bloober team are available as developers. What are the rumours?

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
He writes Fixed game console
generation 09 generation console
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Silent Hill: PS5 Exclusive reportedly working at Konami and Sony

Are Sony and Konami developing Silent Hill exclusively for the PS5? Of course, nothing is officially known yet, but many believe that the rumors about a new Silent Hill for the Sony PS5 may be true. One of the strongest proponents of this rumor is well-known insider and Venturebeat editor Jeff Grubb.

Grubb assumes a new mainline Silent Hill game for PS5 and Bloober’s Silent Hill 2 remake. A strong indication for the gaming veteran is the big announcement that Konami wanted to make at E3 last year, but then pulled out at the last second. In addition, the first image of the new Silent Hill has allegedly been leaked in the past few days.

Grubb also sees a high potential for exclusives from the new Silent Hill for the Sony PS5. The absence of a new Silent Hill on the competing Xbox Series X platform will certainly be a blow to Microsoft, but it won’t come out of nowhere. Even the latest attempt to revive Silent Hill by developer Hideo Kojima was a PlayStation exclusive.

Silent Hill: Part 2 remake is under development

Is the Bloober team currently working on a new version of Silent Hill 2? So far, speculation about a Silent Hill 2 remake has been based solely on rumors from leakers.NateTheHate2‘, on which Jeff Group bases its assessment. So nothing has been confirmed yet when it comes to Silent Hill 2 Remake, a development by Polish team Poloober, but it seems to make sense. The developer has distinguished itself in the past with its diversified work on horror games. Recently, Bloober Team released the game The Medium.

Silent Hill likely to be a PS5 exclusive – a Part 2 remake apparently in the works too

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An elaborate horror edition-sized game seems to fit seamlessly into the life of a development studio. Also questionable: Akira Yamaoka, the mastermind behind the results of picking up toenails on the Silent Hill series, was already working on Bloober Teams The Medium. Additionally, the developer’s game catalog will reportedly find its way to Sony’s new PS Plus.

Even along with the main Silent Hill game and Silent Hill 2 remake, the speculation about the Konami series is endless. According to VGC, other game developers such as Annapurna Interactive or Supermassive Games are said to have submitted designs for a new Silent Hill. Annapurna could play a role in the development of the new main game, according to rumors, while Supermassive Games (until dawn) is working on its Silent Hill spin-off. Gamers can soon find out what’s true at the end: in early summer, as part of the Summer Games Festival, many important game announcements are traditionally made.

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