The best models for exercise

Features of the Sports Drink Bottle for Fitness and Sharing.

Whether at the gym, hiking or biking – especially when we exercise, we should drink enough. Then The body loses a lot of fluid during exercise through sweating, which we can then give him back with enough water. If we don’t drink enough alcohol while exercising, our concentration will be affected, and we will get headaches and lack of strength.

That’s why you should Always drink enough water for fitness and participation. It is of course better to use a reusable drinking bottle for this purpose than to use disposable bottles. This is a lot in the long run CheaperBecause you can easily fill tap water or iso drinks from the gym into your own drinking bottle. Besides, you too Make the environment happy. If you take good care of your drinking bottle and if it is of good quality, you will have something out of it for a very long time and you don’t always have to use disposable bottles.

Another advantage of drinking bottles: you can not only use them for sports, but Take them with you to the office or when you travel. There are countless different models that will specifically suit your needs. We’ll introduce you to five of our favorite bottled beverages.

Pay attention to this with a sports drinking bottle

Which drinking bottle is right for you, Depends on several factors. If you want to take the bottle with you on a hike, it should be especially light in your luggage. If you take it with you on a bike ride, it’s easy to open with one hand so you can quickly refresh yourself in between. And when it comes to fitness at the gym, it can be helpful to have a water bottle with extra water for long workouts. Our advice: You can then use the whole drinking bottle as additional weight while training the muscles.

Let’s first look at the material of the drinking bottle. Explain which material is suitable for what.

  • stainless steel: Stainless steel drinking bottles have good heat function. It keeps your drinks nice and cold and can often keep hot drinks warm. But the biggest advantage: it is particularly stable and unbreakable.
  • TritanTritan plastic is especially popular in the production of drinking bottles. The material is light, tasteless and stable.
  • AluminiumAn aluminum drinking bottle is usually particularly light. If you want to save weight on long hikes or when climbing, then the aluminum bottle is very suitable for you. The only downside: many aluminum bottles give an aftertaste that can leave the drink a little bitter.
  • glass: Although the bottles look very beautiful, they are not practical for sports. If you’re not careful, the glass of the bottle can break and that’s it with this beautiful drinking bottle. caution: There is an increased risk of infection here.

But there are other factors to consider when choosing your water bottle. What else might be important to you:

  • drinking capFor training, it is easiest to get a drinking bottle that can be opened with just one hand using the lock button. The screw cap is very tight, but opening and closing the bottle takes longer.
  • mouthpieceOpening the drinking bottle: Determines how easy it is to drink from the drinking bottle. There are narrow and wide openings. Many find the straw to be particularly useful as a mouthpiece when exercising, because by sucking it they can determine exactly how much they want to drink at the moment.
  • wrist bracelet: Some drinking bottles also have a strap to hold the bottle. This is very handy if you take the bottle from one machine to another at the gym or want to carry it in your hand while hiking.
  • purifier: Some sports bottles also come with a built-in filter. Here, for example, you can add fruits that will add more taste to your water.
  • sizeThe size of the sports bottle is also very important because it determines how much you can drink and how often you need to refill it. Most sports drink bottles contain at least 650 milliliters. But there are also volumes up to 2.2 liters.

The 5 best sports drink bottles in comparison

We have taken a closer look at our range of drinking bottles and present it to you here Our five favorites that suits every sport. Which one is your favourite?

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