The Lost Ark: Valtan Preview

Next Thursday, May 19, 2022, not only the usual identifier change (including server maintenance) awaits us in the Lost Ark, but also Arkesia’s new content pack. Includes: Destroyer Warrior Class, Guild Activities, Experimental Guardian Raids, and more. The highlight for all endgame fans must be the opening of the first legion raid of an online RPG. In an official preview, Amazon Games has now brought you Valtan Challenges and Rewards.

May update for Lost Ark: The new Terminator class lets it rip!

Overview and first steps in a legion raid

Valtan is the first Legion raid in the western version of Lost Ark and will be the MMO’s toughest team challenge yet. The battles are designed for raid groups of eight players whose item level must be at least 1415. Normal mode doesn’t mind. If you want to try the hard level of difficulty, you have to go for a medium item level of 1445. Important: You can only try one difficulty per week per ID, be it Normal or Hard.

Before you can embark on the Legion Raid, you must complete the Counselor’s quest”[Ratgeber] Hint: Legion Raid.” You can then visit the Moon Knight in Castle Vern to start the quest “The Risen Lord of Destruction,” which will start the story of Valtan. You can start a new Legion Raid raid via a new one. Enter buildings in large cities. Alternatively, you can Use the collection finder (the icon under the mini-map) or the “integrated dungeons” list introduced with the May update. This list lists all dungeons and raids available to players and allows you to enter them directly. The menu can be opened via the integrated dungeon icon under the mini-map or by pressing on ALT + Q.

Lost Ark: Legion Raid Valtan – In every Legion raid, you’ll find Star Messengers fighting alongside your party.

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Legion Raid Gate System

In previous activities, portals save your progress in case your character dies and you have to try again. In Legion Clear Raids, you can not only start a new attempt after scanning with the portal save point system, but you can also interrupt the raid without losing your progress or the rewards you’ve earned so far.

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