The new theater schedule is shown in Hilden

Helden’s new theater schedule
Curtain for Serial Theater

Today, Wednesday, the Cultural Office presented the schedule for the 2022/23 season. Eight theatrical performances were selected. The season starts on September 24th.

Corona seems to be a thing of the past, the weather is summer and people want to try something again. Of course, this also includes the cultural experience. In this regard, the time of the presentation of the new schedule of the theater is chosen perfectly. Eva Dämmer, Head of the Cultural Office and Director of Theater Theater at Stadthalle, has selected eight theater productions for the 2022/2023 season, divided into Grade A, which stands for drama, and Grade B, which means lighter tabloid fare. . break up. The content framework includes classic and modern works, serious entertainment themes, historical and current pieces, as well as the expected and the unexpected. “With this program, we want to cater to the tastes of our regular, older audience as well as spark the interest of a new, younger audience,” explains Dämmer.

The curtain rises for the first time in the new season on September 24 with “Coriolanus” based on William Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Company production of Bremen focuses on a historical figure with frightening references to the present. “The Roman general Coriolanus is good at waging wars, but he’s not so good at politics or even democracy,” says Damer, who already represents the season’s highlight in the bilingual production in German and Turkish. “However, no knowledge of Turkish is required to understand the play,” says the head of the cultural office. “For this article, we also want to address high schools specifically,” adds Christian Herz, who is responsible for journalism and marketing.

In Florian Zeller’s popular play “The Face of the Medal”, which will be shown on October 16, a married couple meets, ostensibly, very friendly to each other, but their ideas are often completely different. The meeting picture puzzle develops into sly fun.

With “Stella”, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote a classic piece about different models of love and relationships. Under the supervision of Curator Gusner, whose classic remains reveal current bibliographies. If the daughter is more reactionary than the mother, conflicts are programmed. Beatrice Richter, who became known in the early days of German television comics alongside Rudi Karel and Diether Krebs, plays a mother who raised her daughter in a commune in the 1960s, while she was fully pictured as Doris Day The Woman in the Fifties Rise. “At Home I’m Darling” by Laura Wade will be entertaining on December 15th.

The bankruptcy of US investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008 shook the entire financial system. In the sensational production of “Lehman Brothers” by Johannes Pfeiffer on January 20, 2023, audiences can experience the subjective perspective and sheer greed of the actors.

In “Camping Forever” by Frederic Holtkamp on March 3, 2023, a street leads directly to the camp site. The comedy follows the trials and tribulations of a young couple on an RV journey.

On the other hand, the ‘drama’ is ‘Extrawurst’, which is actually just a barbecue purchase at a tennis club. In the two-act play, which can be watched on April 29, 2023, some of the members and their views were also “questioned”.

On May 6, 2023, the play “Endlose Aussicht”, about a (compulsory) holiday on a plague cruiser, ends the season. The issue is what has become a reality for some people during Corona: alienation and loneliness.

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