This country is the most popular among German immigrants

Updated: 18.05.2022 – 17:08

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Far to the south: this country is the most popular among German immigrants

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German immigrants are mainly attracted to Switzerland.

People who turn their backs on Germany and want to start a new life in another country are not turned away often. But where do Germans gravitate most often?

Germany is a country of immigration, but there are also many German citizens who leave their homeland and look for their fortune in another country. In the previous year alone, about 220,239 people had turned their backs on Germany – and in previous years there were a few more. A well-paid job or an exciting place to study is often the reason for emigrating. But where do Germans gravitate most often? One thing can be revealed in advance: the country with beautiful mountains is very popular among Germans.

Switzerland is the most popular destination for German immigrants in Europe

In Europe, immigrants from Germany prefer to move to Switzerland. As recently announced by the Federal Statistical Office, about 309,000 German citizens were residing in the beautiful neighboring country at the beginning of 2021, as reported by More and more Germans seem to be drawn to the country by Swiss cheese and high mountains. At least that’s what the data from Eurostat shows. The number of German immigrants to Switzerland recently increased by 0.7 percent, which is nearly 2,100 people. For most people, changing residence in Switzerland should be an option, mainly due to tax benefits and significantly higher salaries.

These countries are also popular with German immigrants

It is clear that German immigrants are especially fond of the mountains. Beautiful Austria ranks second among the most popular destinations. In 2021, there were about 209,000 Germans residing there. The increase compared to the previous year was four percent, or about 8,700 people, much higher than in Switzerland. “What both countries have in common is that changing the place of residence of Germans is made easier due to physical proximity and the absence of a language barrier,” says the Federal Statistical Office’s website.

Only in third place after sunny Spain. According to the data of the Federal Statistical Office, about 140 thousand German citizens live there. Here, the sunny climate and low cost of living are likely the main reasons for relocation.

A new high rate of naturalization in Switzerland

But many Germans are not drawn to Switzerland just for work and life. Our neighbor is also the country in Europe whose citizenship the Germans have repeatedly acquired. The number of Germans accepting Swiss citizenship reached a new high in 2020. At that time, there were about 6,900 naturalizations – a 4.3 percent increase from the previous year. Sweden was the second most naturalized country. About 1,400 Germans have acquired Swedish citizenship here, according to a report by


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