Traffic: Does a 9 euro ticket start the long journey through Germany?

The €9 federal government ticket is due to go live in June – provided federal states agree on Friday. The idea raises concerns about tourism hotspots – but it’s still tempting.

The 9 euro ticket planned by the federal government shortly before the destination: on Friday at Federal Council Vote on whether regional trains and buses can travel through Germany from June to August for nine euros per month. Several federal states have concerns about the planned model. also from Bavaria. Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) He said, “If the federal government thought it could be commended by the federal states for a three-month consolation patch and that others should foot the bill, it made a huge mistake.” According to Bernreiter’s criticism, the ticket was a flash in the pan. Instead, relief for citizens will be a real boost to local public transportation. Saxony is also leaving the door open for how to vote on Friday.

The ticket, which is part of the federal relief package, has a possibility: Why Interrail when you can get a Germany ticket? Freedom to choose the path for everyone. Our overview shows what might be possible when the ticket comes.

Discover unknown destinations in Germany with a 9 euro ticket

Have you ever been to Quedlinburg? The small town in the Harz Mountains should be totally worth seeing. At least that’s what the local tourist information says. There are many sights to see and the city itself is the beauty of the half-timbered houses. Quedlinburg is one of hundreds, thousands of options that can suddenly be reached by bus and train for very little money. Nine euros, to be exact. In month.

Of course, it was easy to get to Quedlinburg by train even before the cheap tickets. But Quedlinburg is a city that can be reached every hour by regional train from Magdeburg, for example. It is thus predetermined as the destination for a €9 ticket. Because the ticket will not be valid for express trains. The flight with ICE has been cancelled. The same goes for the first class. This also does not fall within the planned tariff. However, regional trains offer an advantage, which is the slowdown.

Regional traffic only: with a 9 euro ticket you need time

Regional trains or public transport buses, which are also part of the ticket, are not very fast. However, many stops also mean many opportunities to get off. If you want to get the most out of your ticket, you’ll probably have plenty of time anyway. And you also need it if you want to cross Germany, for example (to repeat: nine euros). Germany’s southernmost point is located in a completely remote area of ​​Oberstdorf in the Oberalgäu region.

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Surprisingly, no train or bus stops there. But at least you can reach a distance of up to Oberstdorf. If you take the regional train there, it will take about 19 hours and ten changes to get to List on Sylt, the northernmost point in Germany. For comparison: it takes at least twelve hours and more than 1,000 kilometers to get there by car. With current fuel costs, one thing is clear: The train track can be driven ten times over for the required fuel money. Of course, the time factor is a point that can have a negative impact on passengers in particular.

9 euro ticket: advantage or disadvantage for travelers?

The ticket could now be what “the ticket” used to be, at least in Bavaria: a cheap deal that makes traveling by train more attractive than driving your own car. Plus, the ticket – at least until today – has no time limit. The Bayern ticket is only valid from 9:00 in the morning. A time when commuters have already made their way to work. This is not the case with the 9 euro ticket. In the morning, commuters can jostle alongside day-goers on already crowded trains.

However, the ticket is also attractive to travelers. And if transport ministers have their way, they should. Especially for those who also use an S-Bahn, U-Bahn, or tram. Because the ticket is also valid there in most parts of Germany. Anyone who wants a one-day ticket for the entire MVV network Munich He buys, pays much more than nine euros – and that’s per day.

However: past experience shows that a cheap ticket does not necessarily reduce traffic. The town of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm in Upper Bavaria also knows this. Because last year there were 1,046 registered vehicles per 1,000 residents. The free city bus should make things easier — but only partially, says project manager Matthias Stocker. As a result, traffic in Pfaffenhofen did not improve.” However, higher fuel prices could have caused the number of passengers to rise.

Do tourism hotspots fear the rush of a 9 euro ticket?

Of course, there are some destinations that are really well frequented and you may now fear the rush. Stefan Friedelmeier is the head of tourism for the city of Füssen. Anyone who wants to visit the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle in neighboring Hohenschwangau comes here. Friedelmeier says: “It is very likely that a €9 ticket will increase the number of trips. To what extent it cannot be reliably calculated. However, I suppose that most day travelers and vacationers would be on the road without this ticket.” According to Friedelmeier, it is hoped that the ticket will be lightened. Pressure on cars and parking lots, especially in cities like Füssen. However, it is also clear that a cheap ticket does not improve the quality of public transport.

A trip to the city can also be taken at a low cost

So a 9 euro ticket would be an option for passengers and especially for travelers. If the 19-hour drive from Allgäu to the North Sea is too long for you, you have the option to get off at least ten times. Augsburg, Nuremberg, Göttingen, Uelzen: the possibilities are almost endless. And just on that way. This also applies to flights to major cities in Germany.

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne: Fortunately, the cities are quite far apart. Great for everyone who wants to use the full Regiobahn bandwidth from June 1st.

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