Traffic light pushes to reduce the size of the Bundestag, which was rejected by the Federation

DrThe union reacted negatively and furiously to the Traffic Light Coalition’s proposal to fundamentally reform the electoral law. At FAZ on Wednesday, the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party proposed reducing the size of the Bundestag from the current 736 seats to 598 in the next legislative period. This is done by eliminating all backlog states. As a result, there will be no compensatory mandates. A cross-party committee to deal with plans this week.

The Parliamentary Director of the Federation Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag, Torsten Frei, told FAZ: “The anticipation of the Electoral Law Committee’s deliberations is very bad. We would like to be seriously informed about the project and not only read about it in the press.” Fry continued: “One thing is for sure: the traffic light proposal does not contain any new ideas, and many legal concerns have already been raised against it in the past. This model would harm the role of directly elected representatives and increase the distance between voters and legislators. This increases the disappointment The hope of politics.”

The traffic light proposal, made by the three parties in a guest article for FAZ, states that a party in a country is allotted only as many constituency delegations as it is entitled based on the result of the second vote. If there is more, it does not get those districts in which it received the weakest first vote result compared to others. These constituencies are then allotted to another party, including the so-called alternative votes. Each voter must receive an alternate vote in addition to the first vote.

CSU: Devaluing the Direct Elements of Democracy

CSU politician Michael Fraser, who had already worked extensively on proposals to reform the electoral law in the previous legislative period, also criticized this measure. Fraser told FAZ that after the first reading the proposal was “a well-known model in fact for not allocating districts that had already been won”. United in oneself – do not move to the German Bundestag. Ultimately, this means devaluing the idea of ​​constituency and thus devaluing the immediate elements of democracy. “And in his view, the planned introduction of ‘alternative voting’ would make this problem more clear. It is ‘doubtful’ whether debate in Parliament by a traffic light is really desirable, ‘because, in turn, the motion is communicated to the public only before it is We can work on it together.”

The traffic light can proceed with its proposal in the Bundestag with a simple majority. So far, the CDU, CSU, and SPD in particular have benefited from the backlog of mandates. However, as a result of parity, all parties secured seats in the 2017 and 2021 federal elections.

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