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On Tuesday, the dust in Augsburg FC had calmed at least a little, which was also due to the fact that retired coach Markus Wenzierl said goodbye to the team on Monday after a lactate test without further escalation. His staff and players also entered the summer break, which actually began on Saturday with a team evening to end the season. According to SZ Information, Weinzierl exchanged views on the reasons for his sudden resignation with General Manager Stefan Reuter, who had previously accused him publicly of dismissing him and not communicating with him. Eyewitnesses reported a reasonable conversation between Winzierl and Reuter on the team’s evening. Nothing is known of a dispute or even clashes.

However, in the past few days, one could often get the impression that the FCA was like the Wild West, with smoked guns and saloon brawls. What looked like it came out of a western spaghetti and sometimes had comedic features to those who weren’t involved, caused consternation at the club and among the fans. Some players spoke of being “shocked” by the events that happened so quickly that it was hard for you to keep up.

Former and current players continue to complain about management communications

The resignations of president Klaus Hoffmann on Friday and coach Weinzerl on Saturday were serious allegations in a report by the federation. Bild newspaper Follow. And she talked about the hacking of WhatsApp messages, extortion and conspiracies, through which Hoffman was urged to resign by the managing directors Reuter (sports) and Michael Stroll (finance). Hoffmann had previously wanted to use Augsburg-born Armin Veh, who was once the club’s player and coach and lived not far from the city, as an administrative observer. The club denied the news on Monday. Hoffman, president of the fire protection company, spoke in a press release of “increased signals of stress from my body.” That is why he “cannot reasonably do a double job at my company and at FC Augsburg at the same time”. He has only resigned from his FCA positions for health reasons. Reuter and Stroul described it in the statement, referring to the newspaper’s report, as “more than just a concern when such misinformation spreads.”

At the same time, former and current players continue to complain about the management, mainly due to the lack of communication from their point of view. Reuter acknowledged it was “not an easy situation” for veteran players Alfred Finbogason, 33, and Jan Moravec, 32, to wait and see if their expired contracts would be extended. But the players expressed their “absolute understanding” to him. Especially since a new coach must be found first and involved in team issues. On the other hand, it is already clear that 23-year-old midfielder Arne Mayer, who was previously on loan from Hertha Berlin, will commit to a fee of five million euros. On Monday, it was also announced that longtime captain and record player and Daniel Bayer, who recently served as a scout for the FCA, will be withdrawing to VfL Wolfsburg in the same capacity. Incidentally, the departure of former goalkeeper Alexander Manninger, who was six years late, caused some ridicule. What was left was at least an astonished audience and asked: What’s really going on at the FCA?

It can be considered that there were many differences between Hoffmann and Reuter

If you listen to the club, the stories are very different, depending on who you talk to. It can be considered that there were many differences between Hoffmann and Reuter, which also included matters of efficiency and strength. At the same time, some stories deviate significantly from the account, with Reuter being said to be solely responsible for Weinzerl’s feeling left off when it comes to extending his expired contract. Instead, Hoffman has repeatedly urged a delay in contract talks due to team inconsistencies, it was said. In addition, Weinzierl’s former assistants are said to be critical of the fact that their boss spontaneously surrendered shortly after Hoffmann’s resignation, putting their future at the club in jeopardy. The future coach also decides whether and how things will continue with the former Weinzerl crew.

They are now looking for this at the FCA. According to SZ information, a list of potential candidates has been drawn up, which is recommended by Reuter, Ströll and the head of the licensed players department, Christoph Jancker. A decision must be made immediately as to which coach to begin discussions with. Age is not important to the people of Augsburg, rather a football coach fits the club and can develop young players. Until now, this was thought to apply to Weinzierl. But then the days of the Wild West intervened.

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