50th Anniversary Speaker Concept [HIGH END 2022]

Monitor Audio begeht auf der HIGH END 2022 in München sein 50-jähriges Jubiläum. Und das wird mit einem echten Konzept-Lautsprecher gefeiert: Der Monitor Audio Concept 50. Dieser soll in diesem Jahr zu einem neuen Flaggschiff-Lautsprecher werden.

Monitor Audio celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

This month marks the 50th anniversary of one of the absolute forces in the global speaker industry – Sound Monitor! And that will be at the High End in Munich with the world premiere of 50- Sound Monitoring System Celebrate the big.

For this project, Monitor Audio combined five decades of speaker design experience into one great product. under the project name concept 50 The latest edition joins the Monitor Audio range and combines the highest standards of quality and outstanding engineering in an innovative residential design.

This is sound control concept 50

Monitor Audio Concept 50 was developed to deliver previously inaccessible audio as it is so far unique on the market. Monitor Audio’s new prototype is the ultimate proof of just how good a loudspeaker can be. It combines exceptional sound, elegance and luxury, but it goes one step further: it pushes the boundaries of audiophiles and delights audiophiles around the world.

Sound Monitor Technical Director Michael Hedges explains what sets the Concept 50 apart from other speakers: “No speaker is perfect. Thanks to our experience and understanding of physical relationships, we have been able to develop a speaker that is as close as possible to vocal perfection. Others have tried many times before, but we believe that with Concept 50 we are closer to that goal than anyone.”

He adds: There are two basic elements of an amplifier that are often overlooked: the perceived volume of the sound source and directivity. In order for the stage presentation and shooting to be as realistic as possible, the sound should come from one point and have a constant direction. The Concept 50 achieves this by positioning and designing a sophisticated driver-by-driver design, a tightly packed set of tweeters and mid-tones dubbed “The Array,” and a couple of built-in, in-line, force-cancelled bass drivers.

The futuristic-looking Monitor Audio Concept 50 is set to be the new British flagship.

Matrix: mid-range multiboot system and tweeter

“The Array” is a highly compact multi-driver, amplifier, and subwoofer system. A masterpiece of precision and design. And a testament to the quality of collaboration between the acoustic and mechanical engineers within the Monitor Audio Research and Development team. The array uses a total of six mid-range drivers, arranged in a circle around the tweeter, with Monitor Audio’s upgraded and improved RDT III cone technology. On the other hand, this results in a larger diaphragm area compared to the popular and popular Platinum series mid-range drivers, but it also has other advantages.

Medium wide range

First, every mid-range driver has an exceptionally wide bandwidth and can cover much of the frequency range of a classic amplifier. This ensures a smooth transition to the speaker and exceptionally low distortion.

Loudspeaker with intermodulation distortion

Second, classical bicentric coaxial drivers add additional distortion to the amplifier intermodulation, which is due to the movement of the mid-range cone around the amplifier which affects the directivity of the amplifier. While this distortion can be reduced by limiting the lower mid-range cutoff frequency, it can never be completely avoided. Because the Concept 50 tweeter operates with a fixed waveguide and the six mid-range drivers form a stable, solid barrier around the speaker that doesn’t move, there are no additional distortions in the intermodulation. And the medium term can fully develop without making concessions because of the triple layer.

3rd generation MPD amplifiers

Part Two of The Array is the definitive version of the Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD) amplifier. For over 10 years, Monitor Audio has been a world leader in the development of Air Motion Transformer amplifiers. The concept 50 It uses Monitor Audio’s MPD III generation amplifier (MPD III), which has been improved in almost every aspect of its design. Including linearity, distortion, directionality, and power handling. It’s the most accurate amplifier with the widest frequency range ever produced by Monitor Audio.

Precise symmetry eliminates unwanted vibrational energy

Monitor Audio Concept 50 - Driver Layout
Drin another meaning concept 50The speakers are designed with Newton’s third law in mind and are mounted in face-to-face pairs in a “force cancel” configuration. This precise symmetry means that any unwanted vibrational energy generated by an audio signal in the driver is canceled out by the opposite twin.

This is especially important with amplifiers, as they usually transmit unwanted vibrations to the cabinet. In addition, the drivers themselves do not vibrate, which leads to less distortion and better control. As a result, the amplifier provides a room frequency response (-6 dB) from 21 Hz to 60 kHz with minimal distortion.

The latest technology and the best materials

Equipped with the latest technology and made of the finest materials, sound screen concept 50 Really impressive treble speaker. The sealed bass case is crafted from metallic and acrylic stones that have been thermoformed and precision shaped. The mid-range and tweeter are housed in a solid, precision-machined aluminum baffle, which is combined with a custom-designed, 3D-printed enclosure precisely tuned to mid-range requirements.

Charles Minnett, Director of Sound Design at Monitor, sums up: “Our mission to develop a speaker that is unique in terms of sound quality and design has never been an easy one. Using unique driver configurations for concept 50 However, as a basis we were able to create a distinctive aesthetic. An aesthetic that commands attention without being too eye-catching like many of its contemporaries. And so on concept 50 Also a kind of statement. We are looking forward, not backward.

50- Sound Monitoring System It is a prototype of a loudspeaker

The concept 50 It is a prototype speaker that Monitor Audio will develop into a flagship product. Production is scheduled to begin later this year. With it, music lovers all over the world can bring the height of speaker development and enjoy music like never before.

Technical information
Dimensions (including feet)Height 1384 x Width 439 x Depth 451 mm
Housing material bass housingMetal and acrylic stone. Heat-formed and precision-engineered.
Mid-range / tweeter enclosure materialsCustom die-cast solid aluminum baffle with 3D printed synthetic resin acoustic enclosure.
driver configuration3 ways
Drivers and volumes (per speaker)4x 200mm bass woofers (2x 2 as set included)
6 x 50mm Mid-Range Drivers (Circular Array) 1x MPD III Subwoofer
In-room frequency response (-6dB)21 Hz – 60 kHz
Weight (per speaker)96 kg
production siteEssex, United Kingdom

website: www.monitoraudio.com/en

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