After the NRW Election: A Survey between CDU and Greens

Status: 05/18/2022 5:13 PM

The first meeting after the state elections between the CDU and the Greens ended in Düsseldorf. Prime Minister Wüst described it as “a good conversation in a good spirit”.

CDU and Greens meet for preliminary talks

5/18/2022 8:50 PM

By Rainer Strevsky and Martin Tiggler

After a good two hours, the CDU split from the Greens again – but the first meeting of the election winners on Sunday was not planned for much longer.

“It was a good first conversation in a good spirit,” Prime Minister NRW Hendrik Wüst (CDU) said on Wednesday after the meeting in Dusseldorf. “Now we are going to the party committees.” Green Party leader Mona Neubauer spoke of an “enjoyable, open and honest conversation”. The party will now evaluate what has been discussed.

NRW needs a new alliance

As the Black and Yellow vote was taken on Sunday, the Christian Democrats, as the strongest party in the state parliament, must search for a new coalition partner. A traffic light or grand alliance is also mathematically possible and not politically impossible.

The CDU arrived first, followed by the Greens

Photo: WDR / Martin Teigeler

In addition to Head of State Wüst, the meetings were attended by the CDU, Parliamentary Group Chairman Bodo Löttgen, Minister of Construction Inna Scharrenbach, Head of the State Chancellery Nathanael Liminski and Member of the Bundestag Serap Güler. The Green Party was represented by the leading candidate, Neubauer, Head of State Felix Banazak, parliamentary group leaders Verena Scheffer and Josephine Paul, and Political Director of State Raul Rosbach.

Assessment of the current political situation

Talks inside and protesters outside

Photo: WDR / Martin Teigeler

According to the information provided by the parties, the discussion was about assessing the current political situation. There was no explicit mention of the exploratory talk beforehand. In purely mathematical terms, black couples would have a clear majority in the newly elected parliament. Such an alliance would be premiered in the NRW state parliament. Both parties have very different views on climate protection and domestic politics, among other things.

politicians among themselves

No press spokesperson or other advisers were present at the secret conversation – only the ten politicians. The meeting place was the headquarters of the West German Crafts Chamber in Düsseldorf. Two climate activists and about 20 employees of university hospitals demonstrated in front of the building. In the six university clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia, nurses and staff have been on strike for weeks in order to improve working conditions. Neubauer spoke briefly to the protesters.

No comment on the tram

The greeting between delegates in the early afternoon was cordial but a bit harsh. Fist bumps, “Hello,” he smiled – then quickly into the building. It later emerged that the closing statements were similarly scattered. Nothing has been leaked from the conversation – whether it stays that way is likely to be important to a further foundation of trust between the two parties. Even on the return trip in the tram, nothing can be extracted from the greens. The CDU delegation left on foot. To continue – perhaps.

The Greens also want to talk to the SPD

The Greens, which nearly tripled their result compared to the 2017 state election and became the third-strongest force at 18.2 percent on Sunday, spoke first with the election winner, the Christian Democratic Union. But they are also ready to hold talks with the SPD, Neubauer made clear Tuesday after a founding meeting of the state’s parliamentary group. “If the SPD invites us, of course we talk to them as well,” she emphasized. Greens are ready to take responsibility – even in tough times.


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