AI-Driven Network ‘Predictive Maintenance’

Forecasting and troubleshooting options AI-Driven Network ‘Predictive Maintenance’

Written by Bernard Lack

Unplanned network outages are toxic to the productivity of employees, machines, and business processes. With the help of Cisco Predictive Networking, and thanks to artificial intelligence, it should be possible in the future to predict problems even before they occur.

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Cisco Predictive Networks collect data from telemetry sources. Once captured, the software can learn to recognize patterns using patterns.

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Responding to disruptions was the biggest networking challenge for nearly half (45%) of global IT leaders in 2021, according to Cisco’s 2022 Global Networking Trends report. In the future, predictive technologies will ease this burden and help IT teams avoid costly disruptions.

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To improve network reliability and performance in all operating scenarios, Cisco combines new predictive technologies with monitoring, visibility, and intelligence technologies. The Predictive Analytics Engine developed for this purpose over the past two years has been extensively tested in practice with clients. In cooperation with customers from various industries, relevant forecasting models have been improved, with advanced analysis methods and machine learning to ensure high forecasting accuracy, according to Cisco.

Cisco Predictive Networks collect data from a variety of telemetry sources. Once integrated, the cloud-based software can learn to recognize patterns using patterns. This makes it possible to predict problems in the network environment and provide troubleshooting options. This technology is designed in such a way that customers can decide for themselves how much they want to integrate the engine into their network. This gives them scope to flexibly test and expand the use of the technology in the future.

Chuck Robbins, Cisco Chairman and CEO, predicts that “the future of connectivity will depend on self-repairing networks that predict, learn, and plan.” “Our predictive network technology has been developed and tested with customers. Our test users see significant benefits in terms of saving time and money. The industry has been waiting for a secure, proactive network that only Cisco can provide.”

First impression is important

For IT teams, predictive technology has become essential to tackle today’s infrastructure tasks – whether it’s fending off cybersecurity threats, enabling hybrid work, or building modern cloud structures. In addition, reliable network communications for employees and customers have become critical to the business. For customers, application performance often provides a company’s first impression. If a digital service doesn’t work, nearly 60 percent of customers will avoid it in the long term—according to the finding of a current study on the role of digital experiences in purchasing behavior. To take advantage of digital business opportunities, organizations need to be better at predicting network issues, proactively avoiding them, and ensuring the best possible experience for their customers.

Cisco predictive networks should be able to be used as an integrated SaaS offering in the future.

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