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Murnau and Blue Earth’s inspiring artists then as now. But the gastronomy of Staffelsee does not have to hide either. Through Gastronomy Tours, regional artists and hoteliers invite you to experience art and culinary cuisine together.

Hint of yellow curry here, blue brushstroke there. Different components, colors and materials turn creativity in the head into a unique combination. Art is an aesthetic thing, just like the kitchen.

Art and cuisine have found the most beautiful place to develop as an unbeatable team at Murnau Inn.

Pleasure for the eye and the palate

Artist couple Luna Sonnemann and Marc Völker brought the Kunstwirte project to life. The exciting and unusual project was created in collaboration with the property owners Staffelsee and Tourist Information Murnau. Since 2017, gourmets with an interest in art have been invited to the dining table on culinary journeys. Artists from Murnau use the inns and restaurants as exhibition spaces. In the meantime, the hosts evoke artistic creations on the canvases. Culinary art excursions, also affectionately called Kukulis, are a true treat for the eyes and palate!

Soul and aesthetics unite

Artistic spirit and aesthetics are always at the fore. “Aesthetics means perception,” explains Mark Volker, independent artist (Stal) and one of the founders of KuKulis. “Everything we perceive with our senses, we memorize consciously or unconsciously.” In the case of chefs and artists, what they see is then processed onto paintings, canvas, or in the form of sculptures. Guests enjoy art on the paintings as well as art hanging on the walls.

Culinary art or home cooking with a twist

The project will be celebrated ten times between May and October. The assortment is arranged, the menu makes your mouth water, and the artwork is impressive. The invite-only list can still be filled out. We welcome everyone who wants to step out of everyday life and let art and cuisine to their senses. A long time ago, a large number of restaurants from Murnau and the area around Staffelsee got together under the “Staffelseewirte” name. They are all committed to authentic and regional cuisine.

Art and cuisine inspire each other

Murnau and the landscapes of Blueland inspire not only artists, but restaurants as well. So can you take it a step further and say that good food inspires you, just as good art inspires a chef? “certainly!” Think Mark Volcker, responsible for selecting artists for culinary art excursions.

I might even talk about expanding consciousness. Facing yourself with something new that stimulates the senses and strengthens perception,” Volker is convinced. In any case, selected pub owners serve their guests sophisticated creations of KuKulis.

There is poached pink veal on roasted cauliflower puree or dumplings on paprika soju with Riegsee ham flakes. Art on the plate or simply cook at home with a twist. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the elegant Alpenhof restaurant or traditional bars like Angerbräu, Beinhofer or Griesbräu: they all try to keep delivery routes short and work with ingredients from the region.

Understand art instead of just looking at it

Hosts were looking for a way to individualize their workplace. Therefore, the artworks were a perfect fit for them, as Mark Volcker explains: “The stupid thing about it is that the food is paid for, but the art isn’t. Many people don’t even know the works are for sale.” The KunstWirte project aims to bring artworks out of their ambiguous existence as mere decoration. “We wanted art to have a theater to tell its story,” Volcker says. Because every artwork is unique. Behind each one is a person who has carefully pieced together the individual picture items just like a chef puts out his menu in the kitchen. The seven artists exhibiting at this year’s KuKulis show just how diverse and vibrant Murnau’s art scene can be. From paintings to drawings and sculptures to mirrored glass images, a colorful bouquet of artistic flowers awaits guests on their culinary journey.

Direct contact with artists

But unlike the museum, the artists personally answer the questions of the KuKulis participants. This makes it possible to better understand the subject of the observation. Where does art come from and what does art do to those who look at it? Mark Volker, who also works as an art therapist with his partner Luna, is sure art can heal: “We have all kinds of problems, now more than ever. A lot of them have stress, economic fears and often fears. Art can help us. in conceiving what moves us and what we do not rationally understand.”

Culinary Journey as an Experience

“There are things that don’t have to be verbalized in order to experience them,” says Mark Volcker. This applies to art as well as to the culinary enjoyment of food. The fact that the two are going well together was already evident to art restaurateurs in 2017 at the start of their first gastronomy journey. From the initial love at first sight, a strong partnership arose. The unusual love affair of art and cuisine also works well because a happy group of very different people come together. Together, they immerse themselves in a fun experience that sharpens perception and invigorates the senses. In a collective feast of eyes and taste, guests, artists, hosts, and chefs meet in a way that a classic visit to a museum or restaurant couldn’t make possible. Mark Volcker sums up, “Everyone goes home happier this evening.”

Gastronomy time of everyday life

Especially in our often stressful daily lives, small breaks are like balm for the soul. Those who open up to new things and stimulate their senses win twice. Because inspiration brings innovation. Just like enjoying a creative four course menu in a relaxed atmosphere with inspiring art and exciting artistic conversations. Art can create distance to everyday life without instantly becoming a mindless escape from everyday life. And when enjoying the finest dishes, we can focus fully on the moment. Culinary excursions in Murnau a. Staffelsee is always held on Saturdays. For the dates 03.06. , 01.07. , 09.02.2019 and 07.10. Is it still possible to register online?

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