Augsburg: where you can travel from Augsburg with a ticket of nine euros

On Thursday, the Bundestag will vote on a nine-euro ticket. Where you can travel from June for little money but a lot of time and patience.

Sylt, Berlin, Guenzburg: You can travel all over Germany in the summer months of June, July and August with a ticket for nine euros per month. Thursday, that’s right Bundestag At the suggestion of the government of traffic lights, on Friday it Federal Council agree. The so-called nine-euro ticket allows each person who buys such a ticket to use any local train, bus or tram. In addition to the ticket, this may require a lot of patience. We have collected for you not only beautiful places in the region, but also destinations with hour-long train journeys, many changes and dead spots, which you can travel to with a nine-euro ticket from Augsburg.

How to get to Westerland (Sylt)

“I’m so anxious, I’m losing my mind. I want to go back to the North Sea. I want to go back to Westerland,” the doctors sing at their hit of the same name. The €9 ticket now allows you to visit this place where you long for a little money. You only need 15 hours and 18 minutes to do it Augsburg, provided you can catch all the connecting trains. If you take the regional train to Nuremberg at 5:17 am, you will be in Westerland at 8:35 pm. After only five other changes in Leipzig, Magdeburg, Olsen, Hamburg and Elmchurn. During that time, you can hear the Westerland song nearly 250 times. In this sense: “I have such a longing!”

Go to the capital, Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, we’re driving to Berlin! And only in local traffic and within 9 hours 27 minutes. It is best to start again early in the morning at 5.17 am on the regional train from Augsburg to Nuremberg. In total, there are only two changes in Leipzig and Dessau until you reach Berlin around 3pm. By the way, the normal price for this trip is 86.70 euros without a bahn card. The nine-euro ticket is really worth it on the first trip.

On the Luxembourg border to Trier

With a nine-euro ticket, the limits can also be tested. Not only your borders are on a slow regional train without WiFi, but also at the national borders. Trier is located near Luxembourg and is considered the oldest city in Germany. The historic landmark Porta Nigra, an ancient Roman city gate, is only an eight-minute walk from the main train station. From Augsburg, the train station takes just over eight hours and there are a total of four changes in Ulm, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Neustadt. Frontier experience?

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Beach Vacation in Bavaria in Amersei

15 hours of a regional train to Sylt is too long for you? Concept. Because the bathing holiday can also be Bavarian: ammerseeBrombachsee, Chiemsee. You get the RB67 at the main station in the direction of Weilheim and in an hour and ten minutes you are at design – Directly in Amersey. And you ask where should I change? No place, that’s the nice thing.

Note: If the people of Diesen are reading these lines: You can of course drive in the opposite direction and spend the day in Augsburg. It’s cute here, I promise. Incidentally, the nine-euro ticket is also valid for city buses and trains.

With a ticket of nine euros (approx) to Neuschwanstein Castle

It is also said of King Ludwig II that he did not like to leave Bavaria. Apart from the short trips across the border into Austria, only eight major trips are known. The fairytale king spent most of his time in his castles. And you can do the same, completely royally.

To do this, take the RB77 at the main station and drive 2 hours to Füssen. There you take bus 73 to Schwangau. This takes about 20 minutes including transfer time. In Schwangau you can take a shuttle bus to the castle, but it costs three euros. Or you can walk. Perhaps King Ludwig II would have done the same. He liked to take long walks.

You can take local public transportation to the gates of LEGOLAND

If this is too tiring for you, you can view Neuschwanstein Castle in the mini version. To do this, take RE9 from Augsburg to Günzburg. It’s also much faster, you’ll be there in 45 minutes. At the train station, you get on bus number 818 and in 15 minutes you are at the gates of Legoland. And if you don’t have enough of winding train rides, you can visit the park on a slow train. It’s even free.

Even abroad with a nine euro ticket

We explained at the beginning of the text that you can travel to “all Germany” with a ticket of nine euros. As an attentive reader you will notice that Salzburg is not in Germany. And you’re right. However, you can also reach some destinations abroad by regional train. This includes Salzburg.

Take the Fugger Express to Munich. From there, regional trains run to Salzburg. The journey takes about three hours in total. However, the ticket is not valid for all connections. So you should check with the train before you start your journey whether your ticket is actually valid. Because fare evasion still costs at least 60 euros. It would be troublesome.

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