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Federal Police Inspectorate at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg (OTS)

More than two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the desire to travel is waking up for many. On holidays during Ascension Day and Pentecost, a heavy rush to Hamburg Airport and air security checks are expected there. At peak times this can lead to waiting times. In order to minimize this, all passengers should prepare for screening as much as possible. The Federal Police has the following advice:

Please find out more on the airport operator and airline websites and note any recommendations there for getting to the airport on time. This relates to the overall process there. To start your journey without stress, you must be at the airport at least two hours before departure. From check-in, please head straight to security.

Take only personal items in your hand luggage that you really need during your stay on the plane. Take off your jacket Before you reach the checkpoint, leave smaller items such as cash or keys in your jacket pocket or in your handbag. Separate liquids from electronic devices and place them in luggage compartments. This is the fastest way and subsequent travelers can reach their flight in peace.

clothes and jewelry

In addition to jackets and coats, hats, caps and berets also belong to the baggage troughs prepared before the examination. Likewise, identification documents should not be carried on hand, but should also be placed in the luggage drawer so that they can be examined with an X-ray machine. If necessary, security personnel will ask you to take off your shoes as well. When it comes to jewelry at the security checkpoint, less is more. Such accessories can sound the alarm. Therefore they must also be placed in the baggage trays prepared at the flight security checkpoint. In general, passengers should ensure that they carry as few objects as possible on their bodies.

Fluids: Note volume and max. The same applies here: please carry as little as possible in your hand luggage, liquids you do not need on board the plane belong to your checked baggage. Containers for liquids carried in hand luggage can contain a maximum of 100 ml. In addition, all containers should be placed in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag. It can have a maximum capacity of one liter. No more than ten liquid containers, each with a maximum capacity of 100ml, are permitted per passenger if they fit in a re-sealable plastic bag. This regulation also applies to all cream or gel-like items such as creams, hair gels, shaving foam and toothpaste, as well as to foods such as chocolate cream, jam, honey, camembert or spreadable sausages. So if you don’t want to dispense with a nutty nougat cream on holiday, you should either buy it at your holiday destination or put it in your checked baggage. Baby foods and liquid medicines can be carried in hand luggage with the appropriate guide.

Prohibited Items: What you should never have in your handbag. Firearms of all kinds, pepper spray and knives with a blade longer than six centimeters have no place in your handbag. However, it is also not allowed to take on board items that are not at first glance dangerous. This includes, for example, drills, screwdrivers, axes, long nail files or tent pegs. You can find a detailed list of prohibited items on the Federal Police website (www.bundespolizei.de).

What is in the luggage compartment, what can remain in the backpack? The resealable plastic bag mentioned above with liquid containers must be presented separately during the examination. If a cyst with only fluid is detected during the X-ray, the backpack should be opened and examined again. This takes time, and you are sure to get the unhappy looks of the next passengers! Electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, camcorders, laptops and tablets should also be placed separately in the luggage compartment. The Federal Police advises removing the device’s protective covers and also placing it in the container. After the X-ray, a follow-up examination may be necessary. The security staff will search the baggage by hand. Baggage contents, especially electronic devices, can be checked for explosives with a scan test. In addition, passengers may be required to operate electronic devices and demonstrate their functionality.

You can find more information about safety when traveling at www.bundespolizei.de.

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