Bremerhaven: Shots at Lloyd Gymnasium – What we know about the crime

At Lloyd’s Gymnasium in Bremerhaven, there was a large-scale police operation Thursday morning after an armed man entered the school building and seriously injured a school employee. On Thursday afternoon, the school’s management, investigators and prosecutors commented on the first findings. Summarize what is known about the crime.

What happened at school in Bremerhaven?

According to preliminary findings, the perpetrator entered the school around 9:15 am and fired shots. As it became known in the evening, he used a crossbow for this. As early as 9:22 a.m., police officers reported that the suspect had been secured, which allowed his arrest without resistance.

A video was circulated on social media that may show the scene of the arrest. The police finally verified the authenticity of the video in the evening. A man in dark clothes looks around on a street corner, then lies next to a gun with his arms folded behind his back. A bystander finally pushed the gun aside, several police cars got into and officers arrested the man.

In the morning, police reported on Twitter about a major police operation in Bremerhaven and called on residents to avoid Mayor Martin Dunandt’s Square and nearby streets. The school’s emergency plan was activated, and students and teachers locked themselves in the classroom. They spent several hours in the rooms.

Bremerhaven Police were deployed with all available forces to the crime scene, and Bremen Police also sent reinforcements, including a Special Squad (SEK).

How is the patient?

Investigators spoke Thursday afternoon of a serious injury and that the woman was not out of danger.

What do we know about the suspect?

The suspect is 21 years old and appears to be mentally unstable, the public prosecutor announced Thursday afternoon. The investigators did not provide any information on the motive and possible relationship to the injured woman.

How are the other students at Lloyd Gymnasium?

Michael Frost, Principal of Bremerhaven (independent), said that at the time of the crime there were about 140 students in the building – well below normal operation because high school exams are currently underway. Usually more than 500 students go to the top level of the Lloyd-Gymnasium. Police first secured the building so students and other staff could leave the classrooms.

Students had to endure about four hours in closed classes. When they leave the school building in the afternoon, some laugh with relief and some have tears in their eyes. “I was terrified so far,” says a 16-year-old. Only now, free again, feels comfortable.

He is in the tenth grade. He just had art when the school’s firing code was repeated over the loudspeakers. “It was a shock to me,” he said. The teacher closed the door. At first she started crying, then some of her classmates. Everyone was lying on the ground. “I sat under the table for two hours,” said the student.

Pupils and school staff are professionally cared for by firefighters, police and chaplains. First, several small tents were erected to take care of schoolchildren and school staff. Due to the threat of thunderstorms, the tents were later dismantled and care was transferred to the church.

Hotline for regional advice and
Support Center (ReBUZ) Bremerhaven for Psychological and Pastoral Care under No. 0471/5903585.

What’s next at Lloyd High School?

“This is the worst possible event that could happen,” said debt official Frost. “Something like this is possible everywhere, and that has been confirmed today.” But the school was well prepared for such a situation. “If there’s any good news today, it’s this,” Frost said.

Students are free to come to school on Fridays. “There will be no lessons. But we do provide speaking opportunities, including for parents,” Frost said.

What do we know about the status of the investigation?

Investigators do not currently assume that there is still a risk to the citizens of Bremerhaven, for example, from another offender. Searches were conducted in the area surrounding the suspect to find out more about the possible motive for the crime.

Meanwhile, the police have created an online information portal where photos, videos or audio documents that can help explain the crime can be uploaded. Shortly after the crime, a video clip circulated on social media supposedly showing the arrest of the alleged perpetrator by the police. The registry is not verified.

“The good and quick work of the police, who were on the scene in a very short time, as well as the wise, consistent and correct actions of the school personnel could have prevented a major disaster here. We wish the injured employee all the best and a speedy recovery,” said Andre Gödel, Head of State for the German Police Union in Bremen.

Bremerhaven Mayor Milf Grantz and Bremerhaven Member of the Bundestag Uwe Schmidt (both SPD) also sent wishes for recovery on Thursday afternoon. Schmidt said he was relieved that the police quickly got the situation under control. Solidarity with those affected and thanks to the emergency services were also expressed by the head of the SPD in Bremerhaven, Martin Gunthner, and Swain Oyszos, deputy head of state for the SPD in Bremen.

Is there a plan for all Bremen schools for such incidents?

An emergency plan was also planned, as implemented at Bremerhaven School according to the police, for Bremen schools. Mike Widwald, a spokeswoman for Senator Education Sasha Olep (SPD), explains that all schools are familiar with the processes as requested by WESER-KURIER. It does not give details.

The plans were also coordinated with the Bremen police. If there are any suspected cases in schools, the agreement will be followed. Accordingly, early signs of a possible crime are also taken into account in the concept. If necessary, the Regional Advice and Support Center will be involved “in order to be able to make concrete offers of assistance if needed,” says Widwald.

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