BVG and S-Bahn send more vehicles at the start of the ticket €9

Berlin and the passenger belt

More buses and trains will be used at the start of the ticket €9

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Use all public transport – for nine euros per month: this tariff is effective from June. Both the Berlin S-Bahn and BVG expect a high level of popularity. And you want to increase hourly rates on many lines.

The state of Berlin is responding to the offer of deeply discounted tickets from June 1 by expanding the range of public transport. Due to an expected increase in demand, BVG and Berlin S-Bahn will offer more flights on some routes, it was announced on Thursday.

Sales at BVG and S-Bahn are set to begin on Saturday, and transport association VBB plans to start sales next Monday. The prerequisite is that the Bundestag and the Bundesrat agree to a ticket of €9 on Thursdays and Fridays.

More buses, subways and trams

That’s how you plan BVG In particular to go to excursion destinations. On summer vacation for the first time in decades buses Be on the way to Tegelsee lido. A daily course of 40 minutes was planned. Wannsee lido is also offered. Buses run frequently between Wannsee and Glienicke Bridge during the summer holidays.

The bus should come frequently on bus line 124 between Heiligensee and Alt-Tegel, as well as at Mariendorfer Damm and Lichtenrader Damm. On Saturdays, there will be more shuttle bus trips to the Karlshorst S-Bahn station and to the U5 in the Tierpark.

BVG is also planning better communications for travelers. The tram lines The 18 at Marzahn-Hellersdorf and the M6 ​​will run along the Landsberger Allee frequently. In the morning hours, the M6 ​​is scheduled to run every 5 minutes instead of the previous 10 minutes.

who – which Side roads– Display will be slightly increased in two lines. U6 and U9 will run again every hour from Monday to Friday morning. However, these additional flights will only be offered until the start of the summer holidays.

S-Bahn’s most intense watches

The Train Additional evening flights are planned on lines S1 (Zehlendorf-Potsdamer Platz), S3 (Friedrichshagen-Ostbahnhof) and S5 (Mahlsdorf-Ostbahnhof) due to expected additional passengers. On the S7 line between Westkreuz and Potsdam Central Station, the 10-minute period will be extended from Monday to Saturday until about 10 pm, as will the S1 line between Zehlendorf and Wannsee.

Berlin and Brandenburg are working to expand the offer on line S2 on Sundays. The number of trains running to and from Bernau will be increased from four to eight cars. From 25 June, the S26 line coming from the south will be extended beyond its termination at Potsdamer Platz to Gesundbrunnen on weekends.

Berlin also wants more during the festive season Train connections to the Baltic Sea. According to the Traffic Department, the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Union is currently coordinated extensively with the states of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Details of this will be announced soon.

Sales start in some cases on Saturday

when BVG Special ticket must be from Saturday to Saturday a program As well as BVGCustomer Centers Be available, as indicated on the carrier’s information page. Berliners Train In turn, according to their data, the monthly ticket will initially only be used in person at the S-BahnPOS an offer. to me Ticket machines The ticket should not be available until Monday.

Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg is also planning for Monday (VBB) Sales start. You can buy a ticket for 9 euros Ticket machinesIn the Customer Centers From the transportation and transit company cell phone. Purchase must also be possible from the driver on the bus, with the exception of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) buses. If there is no machine at the train station, travelers can also get the monthly ticket on the train according to the VBB.

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