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Werder Bremen returned to the German League. Now an equally difficult task awaits you. Green eggs are not on a bed of roses financially and it would be difficult to put together a competitive team.

by Andreas Bellinger

It’s over: Werder Bremen is back in the top flight again after a year away from the Bundesliga. They trembled until the final whistle for the second division season – which says enough about the fact that the success was deserved, but it also came at the end thanks to happy circumstances. The immediate correction of the industrial relegation incident is not only due to their own strength and the self-confidence they have regained over the course of the season. After a poor start, the Green Whites took advantage of the fact that all the (top) teams took time from time to time, which of course sparked an exciting climb-up race.

happy coincidences

This gave Werder a chance to solve the initial sporting and financial problems – and not to completely lose faith in returning to the first division. It can certainly be considered one of those happy coincidences where there was no chaos following the resignation of coach Marcus Anfang. On the contrary: had it not been for the vaccination ticket issue, Ole Werner would not have signed in November, as Werder started the crucial race to catch up. Club and sporting director Frank Bowman was practically forced to be happy.

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Werder Bremen is the Bundesliga club again! The team and fans celebrated intensely in and around Weser Stadium. more

Challenging and expensive tasks

And now? People in Bremen like to immerse themselves in memories of the most successful times. But those in charge of Osterdeich shouldn’t be compared to a quick recovery in 1981. In the season following Werder’s first relegation in the Bundesliga, Bremen also had to do so after a Kono Kloetzer car accident. To change coaches. Otto Rehhagel took who from Thomas Schaaf went on to be the most successful time in the club’s history.

Meanwhile, different winds are blowing in the million-dollar professional soccer business. Werner and Baumann are waiting for a completely different package of difficult and expensive tasks, which require creative solutions from the still tired Bremen team.

Save and be successful

Finances in particular are likely to stand in the way of recovery as they did four decades ago. Club president Klaus Felbri confirms that Werder is in a solid position, will obtain the license without conditions, and has successfully endured a loss of 80 million euros due to Corona and relegation. But the Hanseatic League will not be able to make big leaps in the German League either.

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Marvin Doksch from Bremen got one

Madness Werder green and white! Bremen returned to the German League. The most beautiful pictures of the boarding party. Photo Gallery

Werder wants to save and stay successful. The budget, which has shrunk from 47 to less than 20 million euros in the second league, should grow (only) to around 30 million euros, because Bremen also has to accept losses in terms of television revenue and can also generate less money for sponsors than before drop.

No reward for veterans

Climbers have difficulty anyway; Even veterans like Schalke 04 and Werder don’t get a bonus. So the goal should be to prepare the team with a critical eye to the increasing demands of the first order in the shortest possible time. How this can be achieved with manageable means Recently shown 1. FC Köln after last year’s relegation. But Union Berlin and SC Freiburg also represent continuity and hard work, without building castles in the air.

It is a good thing that Werder feels committed to Hanseatic values ​​even in difficult times. The Green Eggs can count on loyal fans anyway – regardless of whether they are fighting relegation or promotion. At least it’s a good base.

In the photo you can see the crest of Werder Bremen and coach Uli Werner in the foreground.

video: Uli Werner: Werder Bremen junior team (29 minutes)

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