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  • Cruises from Hamburg: many unusual travel destinations in the program
  • With the cruise ship from Hamburg to New York? A nine-day transatlantic pass with “Queen Mary 2”
  • A fashion highlight is the “Fashion Night” tour.

who fancy Sea trip Unlimited resources can now be counted again, almost all shipping companies have Corona crisis She left it behind and is now offering many more tracks and dates again. Of course, trips that start in the Hanseatic city and sometimes end here are especially tempting for hamburgers. The Abendblatt once looked for ships scheduled to take short or long voyages from Hamburg in 2022.

Cruise from Hamburg with Aida Cruises

Cosmond-Reddery has just christened a new ship named AIDAcosma in Hamburg and bye the Mediterranean, which was previously used several times on the “Capital Route” to England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The ports of Southampton, Le Havre, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam will continue to be approached on week-long voyages in the future, for example with “AIDAprima”, which was at the shipyard and now has the largest passenger cargo storage battery at ten megawatts.

Therefore, the repaired ship is well suited for several trips to Norway, where the local fjords should be free of exhaust. At the end of November, “AIDAprima” will leave Hamburg via France and Portugal for Spain in the western Mediterranean.

There is “AIDAsol” often in Hamburg, which also leads the capital route, but also other routes, including a five-day tour with Dover (England) and Amsterdam / Igmoden in the Netherlands, a nine-day trip to England, Scotland and Norway (from €2498) and the Norway/Denmark group (from €2098). In June, it took 17 days via Iceland to Spitsbergen and back to Hamburg, and at the end of October in 36 days from Hamburg to Chile or in 117 days around the world – a round-the-world trip costs from 63,940 euros.

AIDAperla will also come, not only for the short trip to Oslo (May 16-20), but also for flights to Norway. On October 14, AIDAperla will mark a route from Hamburg towards Tenerife, and you can also book this trip all the way to the Caribbean. At the beginning of May there is an “AIDAnova” in town, which usually travels from Kiel during the summer. A short trip to Rotterdam (May 3-7) and a trip to Norway ending in Kiel (May 7-14) are planned from Hamburg.

“AIDAbella” was announced on October 2nd. She came from Kiel via Norway and then went on a cruise from Hamburg, albeit to the east. The route includes Haifa, Muscat, Colombo, Singapore and – 57 days later – Bangkok. The cost of a trip there is 10,820 euros, but you can also get off in Mallorca. Another market leader vessel, ‘AIDAvita’, was announced. At the beginning of October you can take her in search of the Northern Lights (from €4,040) and then in mid-November to the “Long Winter Vacation” towards the Canary Islands and back (26 days, from €5,190).

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Cruise from Hamburg with Cunard on “Queen Mary 2”

The ship is the favorite of many hamburgers and has been a regular guest in town since 2004: “Queen Mary 2”. You can take it from Hamburg to New York on June 22, August 19 and October 16. The nine-day Atlantic Pass with stopover in Southampton per person depending on the date costs from €1,070 (without return flight). It is possible to extend the flight to Boston and Canada on June 22, after 16 nights you can also return by plane from New York.

Those who prefer to go to Norway with a “QM2” can do so from June 14 to 22, and a trip to / from Hamburg costs from 1190 euros. A short one-way flight from Hamburg to Southampton is available on all transatlantic departures, as well as a flight to Belgium and the Netherlands from 14-19 August (from 600 euros).

Cunard’s second ship in Hamburg is the “Queen Victoria”. On June 21 you begin a nine-day trip to the Baltic Sea with Copenhagen, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm and Visby on Gotland, but then return not to Hamburg, but to Kiel on June 30. This excursion can be booked from 1,590 euros.

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Cruise from Hamburg with MSC

The large white ships of the MSC are also known in Hamburg. This year’s departures offer “MSC Magnifica” and “MSC Preziosa”. “Magnifica” travels from/to Hamburg for 11 nights to Norway, depending on the time of day, stopping in the North Cape, in Trondheim, in Alesund and/or in Bergen (from € 1099). On June 20, the Norway cruise takes 14 nights, then rises to Spitsbergen (from 1789 euros). The other route is the ten-night trip to Ireland and Great Britain, which has been circumnavigated once (from €1049).

At the end of May, there was a flight through Scotland to Iceland and back (from 1679 euros). On September 1, “Magnifica” will be moved south, via Southampton, Cherbourg, Vigo and Barcelona to Genoa, among others. For the Preziosa, which starts mainly summer from Kiel, there are seven-night flights to/from Hamburg in October, November and December, with stops in Le Havre, Cherbourg and Southampton, among other places.

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Cruise from Hamburg with TuiCruises

Compared to the numerous departures of Aida and MSC, TuiCruises are very rare in Hamburg. Only the following dates for 2022 can be found: May 13-17 with “Mein Schiff 1” via Oslo and Copenhagen to Kiel (from €699), August 25 with “MS1” from Hamburg via Scotland, Iceland and Canada to New York (14 days from €2329 (without return flight) and on September 18 with “Mein Schiff 6” or on October 6 with “Mein Schiff 3” from Hamburg one way to Mallorca (from €1299 or €1329).

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Cruise from Hamburg with Hapag-Lloyd on MS “Europa”

The luxury ships from Hapag-Lloyd are now 100 percent owned by TuiCruises, but the guest on board should feel as little as possible. All five ships in the fleet can be seen in Hamburg. MS “Europa”, for example, starts on June 19 for the 16-day trip “Irish Coasts and Scottish Highlands” (from €8,290), on July 5 towards the Baltic Sea (ending in Travemunde, twelve days from €6,290) And – culinary highlight Can also be booked as an excursion for evening newspaper readers – from 12 to 14 August for a short break in Heligoland (from € 1190). Then there is Scotland and the move in September to Mallorca.

MS “Europa 2” sails around Heligoland from April 30 to May 3 (from 1890 euros), on May 17 the big cruise on the Baltic Sea (17 days from 6,690 euros) ends in Kiel. A fashion highlight is the “Fashion Night” tour from 10 to 15 June with Copenhagen, Gothenburg and the Kiel Canal (from 2,990 euros). The concert tour, with “From Bergen to the Beatles”, begins on June 15 in Hamburg, leads to Norway and Scotland and ends in Liverpool (from 5,190 euros without return).

The three largely identical expedition ships “Hanseatic spirit”, “Hanseatic inspiration” and “Hanseatic nature” offer more interesting routes, for example from April 24 to May 4 “Newland is very close” with Friesland, France and Belgium (ten days from 2445 €), Denmark, Sweden and Norway (May 4 to 14, from €4,890) or Scotland and Norway (eleven days from €5,390). You go on the way to Iceland and Greenland, where ships spend the summer. At the end of September there will be a few departures from Hamburg, including the rare short trip “Frisian Islands” (four days from 1990 euros).

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Cruise from Hamburg with Phoenix Reisen

On May 10, the MS “Amadea” will set sail from Hamburg for seven days to Norway (from €899), a week later there will be a ten-day Beethoven cruise (from €3999), and at the end of May a 15-day trip to the highlights Great Britain (ending in Bremerhaven, from €2499). MS “Amera” takes “Advent Break” from November 29 to December 6 and heads to Aalborg, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Warnemünde and finally Kiel (from €699), the tour can be extended via Stettin and Malmö to Hamburg. On December 12, Amira will head towards the Mediterranean.

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Cruise from Hamburg with Plantors

Planters’ only ocean-going ship, MS Hamburg, is back again on some special tracks. On April 25, the flight departs from / to Hamburg to England, Scotland and Ireland (from € 1449), and on May 6 one-way through the Orkney and Faroe Islands to Iceland (from € 1287 without return flight). The shipping company promised “Caribbean flair on the islands in the English Channel” (from €1,870) from June 27 to July 8, before “Rock the Boat”.

Behind it is a high seas rock festival, centered right in London at Tower Bridge (from €649). The ship will return to Hamburg on July 13 and will then return to the Channel Islands. There is also a one-way trip to Norway with Spitsbergen this year (July 24, 13 days from €2149). If you have a lot of time and money, you can extend this tour to 269 days for the Five Continents Tour, and return to Hamburg on April 18, 2023 (from €22,599).

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Cruise from Hamburg with Hurtigruten

Anyone who talks about Norwegian postal ships usually means Hurtigruten ships, after all, this line has had a monopoly on shipping there for a long time. With a second provider now on board for competition reasons, Hurtigruten increasingly devoted himself to expeditions.

One of these many possible trips to/from Hamburg, which explores the coastal towns of Norway with a 15-day MS “Otto Sverdrup”, with an intensity known only from “real” mail ships. It stretches all the way up the North Pole to the surface of Europe and back, stopping at what the provider says are the “four enchanting towns of Norway” and heading to “scenic landscapes along the coast,” including the apple orchard-lined Hardanger Fjord and the Lofoten Islands. . Also included in the routing: Træna Archipelago, Hjørundfjord and Senja Island (from €4799).

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Cruise from Hamburg with “Sea Cloud Spirit”

The new luxury sailing ship “Sea Cloud Spirit” is also coming to the Hanseatic City. On June 17 it will be midsummer in the far north (14 nights to Helsinki from 7,555 euros), from 6 to 14 August from Kiel via Aalborg and Sylt to Hamburg (eight nights from 5,755 euros) and on 14 and 18 August to Sylt and Helgoland From/to Hamburg (four nights from €2795). On August 22, the ship sailed south.

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Other cruise providers

Three other ships have also been announced for single voyages: Nikko “World Voyager”, “Silver Whisper” for Silversea, and “Ocean Majesty” Hansa Turistic. While the first two modern ships of the luxury class, the 135-meter “Ocean Majesty”, built in 1965, has long been a true classic.

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