Dedicated security with minimal effort

WatchGuard Unified Security Platform MSP: Dedicated Security with Minimal Effort

More and more customers want security solutions from a managed service provider (MSP) that complement their overall IT management in a meaningful way. Based on WatchGuard’s unified security platform, this demand can be met in a future-proof manner.

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When it comes to managed security services, it’s not just about selling and installing the right software. Instead, it is important to develop a comprehensive security concept. However, since the threat landscape is constantly and rapidly changing, this task is particularly complex – particularly when part of the most diverse solution modules are in operation. WatchGuard Technologies’ unified security platform gives managed service providers the visibility and control they need to meet growing demands. A comprehensive approach based on shared knowledge and close coordination makes it possible to ensure tailored security in an efficient and multi-layered manner – just for the benefit of the customer while at the same time maximizing efficiency in their daily lives. a work day.

WatchGuard Technologies integrate specific security functions from the perimeter to the endpoint, drawing on cloud-based management and automation technology.
WatchGuard Technologies integrate specific security functions from the perimeter to the endpoint, drawing on cloud-based management and automation technology.

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WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform (USP) is designed specifically for MSPs. From the start, WatchGuard’s goal has been to provide them with an easily scalable platform that allows individual security concepts to be made available as easily and flexible as possible. All areas of WatchGuard products are now integrated – from network security to multi-factor authentication and endpoint security to securing your WLAN. In the future, the scope of these services, featuring a wide range of functions along with centralized and unified management, will be expanded through targeted expansions based on in-house development and strategic technology acquisition.

The Five Pillars of a Unified Security Platform

USP is based on five pillars that take into account the needs of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs):

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Comprehensive security package: In order to be able to confidently meet the security requirements of end customers nowadays and in the future, a large number of job combinations are required. This includes solutions for network security (including secure WLAN) as well as endpoint security, access management, and strong identity. The complete package covering all aspects provides a crucial added value in this context.

Comprehensive monitoring and control options: The prerequisites for an effective security concept are a complete overview of the IT environment and appropriate control options. In order to efficiently support dozens or even hundreds of clients, you need a central management interface as well as comprehensive and unified reporting. Last but not least, these two factors facilitate employee training. The right templates can also be used to quickly and easily implement best practices for a variety of clients. WatchGuard Cloud MSP enables to organize all the tasks in an uncomplicated way, even with the huge functional complexity. This also includes clear licensing management.

Knowledge matching: The exchange of security-related information coming from different directions is the basis for successful defense. A platform in which a variety of products and services perfectly overlap creates tremendous added value. Coordinated interaction of all security functions forms the basis of WatchGuard’s XDR strategy. With a telemetry and identity framework that spans across the entire WatchGuard wallet, mistrust concepts can be implemented quickly and easily as part of managed security services.

Integration and far-reaching efficiency: With a high degree of automation – the USP depends on this – and appropriate APIs that ensure seamless integration into the existing IT landscape, WatchGuard ensures that managed service providers can precisely orchestrate their operations and make them more efficient. Both other security solutions used in the side of MSP and operating systems such as RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software can be effectively linked. With the FlexPay (FlexPay) concept, billing modalities can also be precisely adapted to the MSP business model.

automationConsistent automation is a critical factor – not just in the context of reliable planning of daily recurring operations with minimal effort at the same time. The quality of forecasts can also be increased in this way. This provides the basis for high efficiency, profitability and security.

Perfect fit for every requirement

With the Unified Security Platform, WatchGuard selects managed service providers at every point of the development path from the classic distributor to the full MSSP. In this context, there are three basic categories of MSSP partners:

  • distributorswho mainly carry out implementations and also provide basic services
  • Security Managerwho already present themselves as additional service providers and are responsible for the security of a wide range of customers
  • SOC Partners (Security Operations Center)which monitors the entire IT landscape from the client side around the clock

All of these IT service providers already work with a large number of clients, but mostly with a large number of solutions. With USP, WatchGuard has specifically focused on the needs of MSPs of all lines in order to simplify operations for everyone via integration, automation, and an entirely new way of licensing. Each future step for further development is also subject to this objective. The unified security platform targets all WatchGuard partners – regardless of specific trends and specific security concept – and makes a significant contribution to the optimal deployment of security solutions.

Security from a single source

The centralized and powerful platform promises businesses a critical added value in everyday business – thanks to broad functionality and standardized handling at the same time. For over 25 years, WatchGuard experts have been a leader in developing advanced cybersecurity technologies that are best leveraged into solutions that are easy to implement and manage. Over 14,000 partners trust WatchGuard to protect their customers today. To build on this trust, a focus on innovation and the needs of partners and customers will continue to drive every activity on the WatchGuard side.


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