Eintracht fans celebrate all night long the Europa League win

meIn Seville, the Eintracht champions had yet to lift the Europa League trophy after beating Glasgow Rangers 5-4 on penalties when a mass frenzy of partying began on their home ground in Frankfurt, which the city center witnessed at best only after the veteran’s World Cup win in 2014. On the factory loop, individual honkers quickly turn into parades, and soon after midnight, many people flock through Zeil and it looks like it’s time to shop. Everyone sings, shouts and critiques as best they can after this thrilling penalty shootout movie.

Eintracht songs in all variations and from all throats resound all night in Stephanstraße: “White and black as snow – this is SGE” exclaimed two teenage girls who were probably drunk with other things. They only know Eintracht’s last international victory so far from the stories of their parents, who were still children when they won the UEFA Cup in 1980, but are more confident now: ‘We made history’.

The epicenter of Romerberg

Minute by minute narrowing in Hauptwache, in Rossmarkt, motorcades condensed into a solid mass of metal plates, upper bodies dangle from lower side windows, sometimes bare, sometimes draped in T-shirts, flags, and scarves in colors SBU waving through open roofs, deafening concerts of number Countless trumpets hovers over everything.

Party all night: Downtown Frankfurt besieged by tens of thousands.

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Victory celebration in Frankfurt

The epicenter of Romerberg

However, the center of tonight’s Frankfurt is in Römerberg. Here, where the superstructure, booths and loudspeakers are already in place to celebrate the Seville winners on the balcony of the town hall the following afternoon, a sea of ​​revelers waves around the colossal Eintracht flag. Römerberg’s bungalows bathe in a glowing red light, fireworks echo from in front of town hall, and rockets soar into the darkened sky. “O Eintracht Frankfurt – Schalalallala” some sing happily, but then the intermittent shouted “UEFA Champions League” prevails and eventually echoes all the way to Paulskirche. “We are not done yet,” said a plump young man in a Hinteregger shirt to his two companions, putting his arms around their shoulders and drawing them into the crowd.

Police loudspeaker announcements can be heard from Berliner Strasse that revelers should keep the rescue lane clear, but the request went unheeded. Assaults against police and rescue workers mix with the mood of celebration, a few drunks climb on the gables set up to receive Römerberg, bottles fly in the air, glass shatters, and shards shine on the cobblestones. At least bottles are being thrown at police officers, the police announced via Twitter. At least one thing is for sure: you should avoid downtown tomorrow by bike.

Then things will continue in the city when the team appears on the Roman balcony after their return in the evening around 7 pm at the earliest: “A dream come true. You are our heroes!” With these words Mayor Peter Feldmann congratulated Eintracht. “The whole city is happy with our unity. We will give Eintracht a warm welcome to Römerberg when they return.” The plan is for the team to sign the City’s Golden Book at a reception when they return in the evening. The team will then present the cup to the fans on the Romanian balcony.

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