Giro lives in the strip: the twelfth stage of Parma – Genoa with three mountain classifications – opportunity for breakouts and runners in the live strip

Team Trek’s Juan Pedro Lopez shouldn’t lose focus given the very small gaps in the overall standings, especially since there are extra seconds to be had at the finish line and in the middle sprints.

Richard Karapaz’s favorite, Ineos, finished three seconds yesterday this way and climbed to number two in the classification.

The final stage of the Class 3 climb comes 30 kilometers from the finish and is 12% steep, making it the perfect slope for pre-twisting attacks in and through Genoa.

Giro d’Italia

Giro 2022: All 21 stages with altitude profiles at a glance

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The last few kilometers follow the harbor before turning around two kilometers before the finish line into the city centre. The last corner comes exactly a kilometer before the end, and the house itself extends a little.

Giro d’Italia: the twelfth stage in the live tape

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Jiro Life: The top three retained the lead

The descent is complete and all drivers seem to have passed it well. The leading trio around Rota have a 40sec lead on the Kielderman chase set. But the remaining 24 kilometers are flat, which could once again change the dynamics of the race decisively.

Giro bar: Van der Poel loses connection

In the stalking group, the wheat is separated from the chaff by about 30 km. Hamilton, Kielderman, Mollema and Nico Denz follow a few meters behind Buitrago. Van der Poel loses contact with Tarama. Denz is approximately 30 meters from the quad that includes the chasers Hamilton, Kildareman, Mollema and Buitrago. Looks like Van der Poel has blown something up. This climb is a bit tricky for the classics specialist.

Giro Live: A stage with an early epilogue

Ballerini is still between the leading trio and the group chasing around Van der Poel. Schwarzman is now trying to get away from there. The stage so far has averaged 47 km/h, which is why we expect to reach the finish line in just under an hour. There are only 35 kilometers left to go.

Live broadcast tape 12 stage gyro: trio in the foreground

Oldani and Limrigze ascended to Rota. The trio hit 25 seconds on the big chase set. Behind him, Ballerini attempts to break away from the chasing group in a quick but uncomplicated descent. The field in five and a half minutes.

Giro’s Track: Stage 12 Track and File – Roller Coaster Ride to Genoa

Giro bar, Twelfth Stage: Attacks start

The separatists are now on the rise again. For strong climbers such as Mollema, Kelderman, Taaramäe or Hamilton, it will be important to weed out strong runners such as Van der Poel, Consonni, Vendrame and Ballerini at an early stage. But with two of the group’s assistants, it will be difficult to decisively banish Van der Poel. Especially since the climb up La Colletta shouldn’t be difficult enough. If you want to beat Van der Poel, it will be important to isolate him from his assistants and force him to work the last flat kilometers.

Lorenzo Rota is now making his first attack from the leading group!

The twelfth stage of the gyro in the bar: the second mountain classification

The second of the three mountain classifications for the day is pending: it rises to La Coletta (615 m): the main data is 9.3 kilometers with an average slope of 4.2%, an increase in the third category.

Jiro Twelfth Stage Live Stream: Trek Equipped Twice

With a gap of 4:50 minutes, the field is still within reach of the leading group. But Team Trek-Segafredo will be content to dominate the race and secure Lopez’s pink jersey, while Bauke Mollema gets another chance to win a stage.

Twelfth Stage in the Live Giro Bar: Second Intermediate Race

In the second middle race, the extra seconds go to Stefano Oldani, Bauke Mollema and Vincenzo Albanese. In the general classification, this changes only slightly. As a reminder – there are also three German drivers ahead of Nico Denz (DSM), Gasha Sutterlin (Bahrain) and Michael Schwarzman (Loto).

Jiro Live: 2:45 pm – 75 kilometers to go

Another phase of the race is still quiet, the second intermediate run and the other two mountain ratings a bit further away. Drivers recovering from the very fast first stage of the race, eat and go through the tactical choices in their heads: How can you be successful in the first set against Van der Poel?

Giro pointer, 12th stage: distance levels off

The gap is now settled at about five minutes – here’s an overview of the top 25 drivers again:

Vendrame (AG2R Citroen), Van der Poel, Oldani and Riesebeek (Alpecin-Fenix), Conti (Astana), Buitrago and Sütterlin (Bahrain-Victorious), Kelderman (Bora-hansgrohe), Consonni (Cofidis), Cort Nielsen (EF) , Albanese (Eolo-Kometa), Rota and Taaramäe (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux), Eenkhoorn and Leemreize (Jumbo-Visma), Schwarzmann (Lotto-Soudal), Barta (Movistar), Ballerini (Quick-Step Alpha-Vinyl) Hamilton and Sobrero (BikeEchange-Jayco), Denz (DSM), Mollema (Trek-Segafredo), Edoardo Zardini (Drone Hopper), Bardiani duo Luca Covili and Davide Gabburo.

Live Tape Phase Twelve: Remembering Wellandt

Bauke Mollema won the mountain classification, it’s downhill – think Wouter Weylandt and his friends and family, who died in an accident here. Teammate and roommate Fabian Wijmann recalled the Belgian and Black day at the Giro 2011 with moving words.

“A world collapsed”: Wegmann on the death of Weylandt

Twelfth stage in the live Giro Index: Approaching the first mountain classification

It now comes down to the first of the three mountain classifications for today, Passo del Bocco. The main data is a climb of 6.0 km with a slope of 4.0% – a category 3 mountain classification. In the climbing classification, nothing will change today in the top positions, Diego Rosa is safe in his own blue jersey.

12th Giro Index: Lead Increase

The gap between the field and the leading group increases to four minutes – let’s see how far Wilko Kieldermann can go up in the overall standings again today. And great respect to the chasing trio who are catching up to the top with tremendous effort! But it took a lot of power for Eduardo Zardini (Drone Hopper) and Bardiani’s duo Luca Covelli and Davide Gaboro.

Giro Life: A pioneering group of 22 riders

Here is an overview of the 22 best engines:
Vendrame (AG2R Citroen), Van der Poel, Oldani and Riesebeek (Alpecin-Fenix), Conti (Astana), Buitrago and Sütterlin (Bahrain-Victorious), Kelderman (Bora-hansgrohe), Consonni (Cofidis), Cort Nielsen (EF) , Albanese (Eolo-Kometa), Rota and Taaramäe (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux), Eenkhoorn and Leemreize (Jumbo-Visma), Schwarzmann (Lotto-Soudal), Barta (Movistar), Ballerini (Quick-Step Alpha-Vinyl) and Hamilton and Sobrero (BikeEchange-Jayco), Denz (DSM), and Mollema (Trek-Segafredo).

Live broadcast 12th stage: Three Germans in the lead

Well, 22 drivers defected, including three German pros: Nico Denz (DSM), Gasha Sutterlin (Bahrain) and Michael Schwarzman (Loto). None of the big group is a threat to the pink jersey overall, all at least 11 minutes late (Kildermann +11:02). The current field distance is one minute because several teams are not represented in the foreground.

Twelfth stage in the live Giro tape: the lead group is formed

The group is now already disintegrating: among others, Wilco Klederman (Bora-hansgrohe) and Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix) are represented as a Dutch duo, from a German perspective, Michael Schwarzman (Loto Soudal) is represented there. More than 20 passengers ahead on the road, the gap is growing!

12th Giro Index: First Intermediate Race

The Groupama-FDJ team prepares for the middle race of Arnaud Dimare and the Frenchman easily wins the Maglia Ciclameno ahead of Fernando Gaviria. In doing so, he expands his lead in the ranking of points, which is very convenient in any case.

After the enemy, the attacks start again, Alpecin-Fenix ​​is ​​activated again and again, but the same thing remains: no one gets away.

Jiro Live: 1:00 PM – 155 kilometers to go

Matthew van der Poel is also trying again and again today, he wants to enter the leading group like the stage around Napoli and his second stage after the start in Hungary. But even the star hadn’t been able to break the resistance of the domain yet. It’s a merciless fight for a chance to get into the first group.

12th Giro live stream: Chained Attacks

Today’s race was very fast and very competitive – after an hour’s race, no leading group has yet been able to break down. It is constantly under attack, but the field is always reacting. The Bora team is also active, but many other teams really want to join the escape group today. It’s a challenging rhythm chase with challenging time slots…

Giro’s Track: Stage 12 Track and File – Roller Coaster Ride to Genoa

Giro d’Italia: the candidates for the 12th round

The most likely scenario is that a larger leadership group decides to win among themselves. Matthew van der Poel (Alpecin) wants to try for his second win today. Runners like Andrea Vendrame (ag2r) should not be underestimated. Cyclists such as Bauke Mollema (Trek) or Davide Formolo (UAE) can also experience this.

Welcome to Giro’s twelfth stage!

The 204-kilometer stage begins in Parma and ends in Genoa. The first half of the stage runs a little uphill from the Po Valley in the direction of Liguria. After 56 kilometers, the first race will take place in Borgo Val di Taro. With the Passo del Bocco (Class III: 6 km, 4%), the highest point is reached in the middle of the race. After a long descent, the second race in the program begins after 134 kilometers in Verada. This is followed by the important climb to La Colletta (Class III) and finally to Valico di Trensasco (Class III: 4.3 km; 8%). From there, the distance was a flat 31 kilometers to the end.

Far from sports, the Giro reminds us of two horrific tragedies today: the track passes through Passo del Bocco, the site of the accident where Wouter Weylandt fatally fell in 2011, and in Genoa the track leads over the new bridge at the site of the Ponte Morandi car that collapsed in 2018 driving over Val Polcevera.

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“A world collapsed”: Wegmann on the death of Weylandt

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia commemorates the death of Wouter Wellandt in 2011

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Giro d’Italia

“A world collapsed”: Wegmann on the death of Weylandt

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