HLUW has many international connections

Yspertal, Zwettl Abbey, Cieszyn – Due to the Corona pandemic, which has made school events impossible, this was our first class trip together. This greatly enhanced their social cohesion. From the program points, simple programming lessons stand out, Polish for beginners as well as self-defense and shooting training in the school district, where the Polish partner school also offers a branch of military training.

The program also included a guided tour of Cieszyn and a visit to the city museum there. The beautiful city of Krakow can also be visited and explored in detail. This weekend was a trip to the Ustron Tourist District, where the climbing park provided the highlights. 3AUW students were supported as part of a project by the European Union Erasmus plus funding programme.

Lots of transfers

37 students will complete their training in other European countries this academic year. In our school, students receive a lot of support for stays abroad. That’s why we have a lot of transportation. Project Week was a three-year project with our partner school in Cieszyn, which included mutual visits and shared learning. At Yspertal, joint laboratory work was conducted mainly in chemistry, biology and technology. In Poland, according to the content of the school there, in addition to programming with an emphasis on information technology, shooting and self-defense training were jointly carried out by the integrated military school of the partner school”, explains Principal Mag. Gerhard Hackl of HLUW Yspert, A private school for a Cistercian monastery in Zwettl.

School day registration

REGISTER AND JOIN – Anyone currently studying in New Middle School (NMS) or lower level grammar school and would like to take the GCSE and Diploma (Matura) examination at a vocational college with interesting and crisis-resistant career fields at the right place at HLUW Yspertal!

There are several laboratories, a three-hectare outdoor area with a school garden, a hydroelectric test station, PV and solar test systems, as well as a modern environmental laboratory hall with hands-on workshops.

“Those interested can register to attend the school at any time, and we also offer online school tours,” explains school principal Gerhard Hackl. Pilot students are very welcome, of course depending on current Covid requirements. There is also the possibility, depending on the current epidemiological situation, to spend the night in a boarding school and thus get a taste of boarding school life. Information by phone at 07415 7249 or at: www.hluwyspertal.ac.at

Cool Summer – Nature Loving Youth Week at HLUW

Experience nature expertly, and be a nature enthusiast! HLUW Yspertal professors and alumni design a special program for children aged 10 to 15 during the summer holidays, of course according to all the hygiene rules and requirements necessary at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Inexpensive holiday care

This Environmental Youth Week at HLUW Yspertal begins on Saturday 27 August and runs through Friday 2 September 2022. Young people participating are housed in a private boarding school.

“They want to offer a varied program with great recreational activities depending on the possibilities caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Abbott Johannes of Zwettl Abbey explains that the 220 euro fee actually includes everything, from accommodation, food and care to program design by teachers from the school and private boarding school “For us Cistercians, it is important, in addition to pastoral care, to open the eyes of young people to the beauty of creation (nature).”

Youth Week for a Sustainable Life!

A special name has also been given for this summer week: “Youth Youth Week for a Sustainable Life!” This includes, for example, knowledge of water chemistry, biology, landscape ecology, noise measurement and all this in a playful way. Great fun activities are available on the school site.

Offerings range from indoor and outdoor climbing hall, gym, adventure pool, bathing pool and nature park, to various workouts on fitness equipment. This week during the holidays is also suitable as a tasting week for those interested in the five-year Higher Vocational Training Course with High School Diploma and Diploma. Registration is possible at any time! Phone information: 07415 7249 or www.hluwyspertal.ac.at

A vibrant private school belonging to the Zwettl monastery in Yspertal

Mental and physical fitness is especially important. There are plenty of shows for teens with a wide range of sports on offer, from girls’ and boys’ soccer to volleyball, archery, mountain climbing and fitness programmes. A third of teaching time occurs in the form of internships or projects. Project weeks and specialized trips with overseas contacts, working together and having fun and experiencing wonderful leisure activities together, all this guarantees a lively apprenticeship.

Of course there is a private boarding school for girls and boys. You can increase your personal fitness with extensive support offers at school and boarding school. Training is completed with matriculation examination and diploma. This also gives you the right to study. There is also the option to start working immediately afterwards and apply for the engineering title. Environmental and waste personnel, microbiological and chemical laboratory technicians, and environmental personnel are just a few examples of job opportunities.

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