iPhone Fold: Apple is experimenting with electronic paper displays

New rumors about a foldable phone from Apple. After reporting Apple working on new displays for foldable devices last week, there is now new information. Back to the show. However, another person. Apparently, the tech maker is testing different cover screen options.

We are talking about electronic paper displays. You probably know the display type of e-readers. These have particularly low power requirements. Industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo has learned that Apple is testing the technology. Maybe for upcoming foldable phones or new tablets.

Electronic paper screen for the foldable iPhone: What can technology do?

Clearly: technology is not quite as a home screen. In addition, electronic paper display (EPD) displays are in many ways inferior to common OLED technology. Above all, EPDs are highly energy efficient. They can also display colors. However, these things don’t appear as vibrant and rich as in OLED screens, which are also used in iPhones (here with a contract). It also only supports low refresh rates. EPDs can’t keep up with modern 120Hz displays. They are more suitable for static content.

But as a second screen or display of notifications on the outside of the foldable iPhone, the technology will likely be an option. Tipster Ross Young, who was also meticulous, responded to Kuo’s tweet that the technology was great for other applications such as supermarket shelf labels. However, given the mentioned flaws, he can’t imagine Apple outfitting the entire iPhone Fold cover with such a screen.

Alternatively, it can be used more as a second display, for example to quickly read text notifications. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 (here in review) also has a small second screen, but it can do much more than just display messages. It has the same big job function, but that also makes it power hungry.

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Experiments are part of development

It is still unclear what Apple intends to do and whether the technology will make it part of the foldable iPhone. It may just be a series of tests of what is possible with EPD. Such attempts are part of the development of new mobile phones. They do not guarantee that the mobile phone will be built in this way.

However, we are sure that these are attempts to display a secondary screen. Apple will likely use higher-quality technology for the Home screen. What do you think of Apple’s approach to experimenting with economical screens? You can vote under the article.

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