Lanz and Brecht on the future of work: ‘These are horrific conditions’

Does work as we know it come to an end? Philosopher Richard David Brecht and journalist Marcus Lanz discussed it at OMR 2022. What might freedom look like for all.

Marcus Lanz and Richard David Brecht at the OMR Festival in Hamburg.

The amount of feed for a what-if machine is limitless. And an unconditional basic income is a classic in the feed bag: what if you had 1,400 euros every month? Everyone will get a fixed amount – without having to go to work for it. Richard David Precht and Markus Lanz spoke about this scenario and its immediate consequences at the OMR Online Marketing Fair in Hamburg. The debate over the model is about to become old hat. But two fellow podcasters were able to add new sides to the discussion – albeit with an underlying irony. But more on that later.

Marcus Lanz on life coaching: ‘It feels like the end of the world’

In relaxed podcast style, the two talked about the future of work. Brecht is sure that people want to do something meaningful and pursue their passion: “It’s human nature. And not to go to the office from 9 to 5.” There was applause for that. Unconditional basic income can contribute to the fact that more employees want to pursue professions that involve personal relationships.

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