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Renovated but still closed: Ludwig-Thoma-Haus in Tegernsee, the controversial Bavarian writer’s last residence. © Thomas Plettenberg

A heavy burden falls on Ludwig-Thoma-Haus in Tegernsee. It is very difficult that the city of Munich, as an official, has not yet made a decision on how to proceed with the historical property.

Tegernsee – the last residence of the Bavarian writer Ludwig Thoma (1867-1921) in good condition, both outside and inside. As good as can be for such an old building. Even the garden looks lovely to care for. For about 14 years, from the spring of 1908 until his death on August 26, 1921, Thoma “Auf der Tuftn” lived in Tegernsee. He built it according to his own plans and the plans of his friend, the Dachau sculptor Ignaz Tachner. Prominent contemporaries of Ludwig Thomas, from Olaf Gulbranson to Leo Slizak and Ludwig Gangofer, have frequented the “meeting place of artists”. Preserving memories of the poet’s works is the goal of the Ludwig Thoma Foundation, which was founded in 1964 and is managed by the city of Munich.

Ludwig-Thoma-Haus in Tegernsee: renovation now complete

Recently, the city has carried out several renovations – inside, on the roof and on the external walls. Although these doors are now closed, the doors are still closed. There seems to be no interest in reopening the apartment building and giving those interested in culture an insight into the museum-like rooms. Ein Indiz dafür ist auch die Homepage des Direktoriums, auf der immer noch darauf hingewiesen wird, dass sich „aufgrund der aktuellen Lage” – gemeint ist Corona – „sowie umfangreicher Renoviertungsarbengen im cherungs” – gemeint ist Corona 2021 Capable.” It’s been a long time.

Is the city really not interested in reopening? Can you be guided by the burden of memories of Ludwig Thomas? As is known, his extensive work includes not only novels such as “Der Ruepp” and stories such as “The Holy Night” or the template “Lasbubengeschichten”. Thomas also wrote his obnoxious anti-Prussian and anti-Semitic diatribes on Tuften, which he published under a pseudonym in Miesbacher Anzeiger.

Apartment building in Ludwig Thoma: the city of Munich still forms an opinion

Matthias Krestbauer, press spokesman for the city of Munich, announced last year that the opinion-formation process was not yet complete. He has no more words for a renewed request as to when to consider again the idea of ​​offering guided tours and readings: “Opinion formation is not yet complete.” He also gives this reason when asked if the Munich City Council will discuss it again. And if so, when? After all, last summer, on the centenary of Thomas’ death, there was an attempt to rename Ludwig-Thoma-Straße in Munich because of the writer’s position. Mayor Dieter Reiter refused. Kristlbauer can’t conclude more than by noting that a reopening date has yet to be set, but that no search for a home sale is currently underway.

Tegernsee week also in 2022 without an event at Thoma-Haus

So visitors to Tegernsee will have to do without the opportunity to critically examine this history on the site. Which Birgit Halmbacher Hopplinger, as organizer of the Tegernseer Woche, laments. Since Culture Week was founded nearly 50 years ago, “well-organized events in this wonderful atmosphere” are regularly organized. “There is no point in falsifying history,” says Halmbacher Hoplinger. “Everyone should have their own image and be able to work with it.”

Thomas Baumgartner of Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH (TTT) does not give the house any great importance from the point of view of tourists. There are also other important names for Tegernsee’s cultural scene, not just Ludwig Thoma. “Regardless of this, intense examination of our past is an important part of our society and important in terms of a living culture of remembrance.”

It is currently open whether we will return to the site.

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