Myers Attacks Schultz: A Government Statement on the Ukraine War

Olaf Schulz is a big fan of repeating things so everyone has to understand them. He even won the election, at least he thinks so. On Thursday in the Bundestag, the chancellor more or less repeated what he had already said about the Ukraine war. For example: “Russia must not win this war, and Ukraine must remain.” This is what all support for the state attacked by Russia is about, including the delivery of weapons “including heavy equipment”. For some it goes too far. “Helping a country that has been brutally attacked to defend itself is not an escalation,” Schulz says. Putin still thinks he can bomb a foregone conclusion. But the man in Moscow is wrong. Only when Putin understands that will he negotiate.

Then it follows what Schulz always says: Germany will not go alone, NATO must not become a party to the war, and Germany will strengthen its security. However, there was lively applause from the rows of traffic lights just fifteen minutes later, when Schulz turned to “dear friends in Sweden and Finland” and greeted them with a “welcome us” to NATO – for resistance against the chancellor not accepting Turkey’s accession to Head of State Erdogan.

“Because we know what we stand for.”

He talks about the Solidarity Fund that the European Union must now create for the reconstruction of Ukraine. After all, it is a government statement about the Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government of the European Union that will take place at the end of May. At the same time, the chancellor makes clear that there is no shortcut for Ukraine on its way to the European Union. Only the six countries of the Western Balkans, which have been trying to join the European Union for years, owe it.

Schulz wants to visit the Western Balkans before the EU summit with a message in his baggage that “The Western Balkans belong to the EU.” However, the consequences of the war in Ukraine will be dealt with in Germany, where “the government will not leave anyone alone”, especially citizens of small and medium incomes, as well as in the European Union, where it will be assured that it will. Giving member states “no bottlenecks in energy supplies.”

Germany will overcome the consequences of war because it is a strong country and “because we know what we stand for: peace and freedom” – here Schulz artificially pauses at the end of his speech – “law”. There is a decent applause. Before that, the chancellor spoke about the planned special fund of the Bundeswehr in the amount of 100 billion euros, the use of which has been negotiated by traffic light groups and the Federation for some time because it requires an amendment to the Basic Law. “Dear Mr. Merz,” Schultz addressed the opposition leader, saying good talks were going on.

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But the person so oriented, who comes to the office immediately after the counselor, does not want to be nice this morning. After the chancellor’s appearance, Merz shakes the Bundestag with a speech of hello-wake. It begins with a quote from Scholz from his recent TV appearance when the chancellor explained why he had not traveled to Kyiv yet. “I wouldn’t join a group of people doing something for a while by taking a picture,” Schulze said.

“What double game are you running?”

Merz asks who he meant by this group of people. European heads of government who were already there or US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Or maybe Foreign Minister Barbock of the Green Party and Bundestag President Bass of the SPD? Then Merz expressly thanks the Foreign Minister and the President of the Bundestag for “making this trip”, and then notes that these words are only “useful” for the Union faction.

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