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“Now it’s the children’s turn again!”

schauinsland-reisen is planning a series of campaigns, turning children into ‘mini-heroes’.

Duisburg, May 19, 2022 – Holiday presenter schauinsland-reisen wants to make kids’ eyes light up and parents dazzle this year. 2022 is the year of the “Little Champions” for the Duisburg-based company. This is also the name of a great series of campaigns through which children can finally catch up on everything they had to do without it for so long after the many restrictions that have prevailed in the past few years.

“These two years have been really tough, especially for the kids,” says Andreas Rutgers, director of tourism for Schwensland Raisen. That’s why the Duisburg Travel Agency team came up with the idea for the campaign series. The children felt strongly about the many restrictions. For a long time they could not go on vacation with their parents and at home they had to do without a lot. Because they bravely endured it all, they are our mini-heroes. Now it’s the kids’ turn again,” says Rutgers.

Mini-Heroes can look forward to many more campaigns by the tour operator in the coming months. “But we don’t miss the chance of having kids who stay home during the holidays,” promises Rüttgers. At the end of this month, there will be a special ‘mini-heroes’ event at the schauinsland-reisen-Arena in Duisburg: on May 29 there will be a big ‘little champion day’ from 11am with free admission to the main committee of the Duisburg Carnival as well. Here the kids can look forward to the dance competition, the raffle and many other activities on the playground.

Schauinsland-reisen is also touring around Germany with a specially designed “Mini-Helden Welt” for children. In the world of mobile games, set in all locations for “schauinsland Muddy Angel Run”, for example, there are many practical and skill games as well as a bike path that makes riding on two wheels a real adventure. In a particularly separate area, children drive small obstacles such as cliffs, waves or swings, which means they improve their driving safety in a fun, experience-oriented way.

At the start of the new school year, schauinsland-reisen makes sure that the road to school is safer for the “little champions”. To this end, schools will be provided with posters advising motorists that children are taking the road again and that caution should be exercised when driving around schools. There are also activities that children can perform and put themselves in the spotlight. As part of the project week, they learn “Circus Kata Show” and give their own performance at the end. As a close partner of MSV Duisburg, football also plays a natural role for schauinsland-reisen in the ‘Miniature Champions’ campaign series. The tour operator wants to donate 2,500 footballs in total to youth teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Kata and his friends, the popular mascot of schauinsland-reisen from “Katta’s World”, are present at all activities. With them, the upcoming vacation of the “Little Heroes” should be an unforgettable experience. In many family hotels offered by schauinsland-reisen, children can, for example, do the “Otto sports badge”. They complete various exercises and coordination and then receive a bracelet with a purple octopus from the “Kata World” as a prize.

In the Christmas trend, there will also be special events for children, such as the “Katta light safari in Stukenbrock”. In the lead up to Christmas, there will be a light and sound show in the dark, where children can stroll through different worlds with their parents. The schauinsland-reisen light market in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park is also about “little champions” this year. The next world record is supposed to be there on November 25th. Then schauinsland-reisen wants to build the world’s largest sandcastle out of Lego bricks, above all to the delight of children. And it’s even getting better: in 2023, schauinsland-reisen would like to return the world record for the world’s largest “real” sandcastle back to the company’s site in Duisburg. The world record set in 2017 was broken last year and he is currently in Denmark. “We will take back our world record,” Rüttgers Tourism Director promised. We will exceed 21 meters and 16 centimeters.”

Mini Heroes – Individual Actions Overview

  • “Otto Sports Badge”: The children complete various exercises and coordination and then receive a bracelet with a purple octopus from the “Kata World” as a certificate.
  • “Mini-Helden Welt” – a mobile play paradise for children (created, among other things, on all dates of Schauinsland Muddy Angel Run): 28.5. Berlin 11.6. Leipzig, 25.6. Frankfurt/Offenbach, 2.7. Mannheim, 16.7. Munich, 30.7. Stuttgart, 14.8. Stadtoldendorf, 3./4.9. Hamburg, 24./25.9. Cologne.
  • The hopping park: Beach boys and bathing beauties can slide and climb on various water barriers at different locations in Germany.
  • Attention school: just in time for the new school year, schauinsland-reisen makes the way to school safer. Schools get stickers on which Kata and his friends indicate to drivers that they are near a school and they should drive carefully accordingly.
  • Katta’s Minigolf: Mini golf courses all over Germany are being renewed and re-engineered to suit different holiday countries.
  • “Circus Kata”: As part of the project week, the children learn “Circus Kata Show” and then perform in front of the audience.
  • “Light Kata Safari in Stukenbrock”: In the lead up to Christmas, there will be a kind of Christmas market in Safariland Stukenbrock with a light and sound show that leads the “mini-heroes” through different worlds.
  • Keep an eye out for the holiday at the schauinsland-reisen light market: The next world record is said to be there on November 25 with the largest sandcastle made of Lego bricks.
  • Another world record for next year: In 2023, schauinsland-reisen wants to return the world record for the world’s largest “real” sandcastle to the company’s site in Duisburg.
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