State Election 2022 NRW: ‘Good Talks’ for Black and Green

First meeting in Dusseldorf
“Good Conversations” by Black-Green

In Düsseldorf, just three days after the elections, the CDU and the Green Party met for the first time. It will be the constellation that the majority of citizens want. Ten politicians conduct the first talks. Who is there besides Wüst and Neubaur? Overview.

When the Greens and the FDP met in Berlin for the first talks about a possible federal light-bulb alliance, an iconic image emerged: an Instagram selfie of then-Green leaders Annalina Barbock and Robert Habeck, as well as FDP leader Christian Lindner and his general secretary Volker Wesing. A selfie of the participants in today’s meeting in the West German Craftsroom will be much more difficult. Instead of four people, there should be ten in the picture. The meeting of senior politicians from the Green Party and the CDU after the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia continues on an “assessment of the current political situation”. In fact, these are preliminary talks of exploratory talks, which in turn are the initial stage of real coalition negotiations. Hit by the CDU: General Secretary Josef Hoffenorgen is not there.

Two-and-a-half hours later, white smoke: “It was a fun, frank, honest conversation,” said Mona Neubauer, the Green Party’s top candidate. “Now we will go back to our parties and hold them.” Her CDU counterpart, Hendrik West, explained: “It was the first good conversation in a good spirit and now we are going to the party committees to do everything that both did not comment on the content. Previously the two groups had greeted each other with Faust salutations in front of the craft room building in Germany Western CDU called the first meeting.The following is a list of people who participated:

Hendrick West In the end, the Prime Minister clearly won the neck race with Thomas Kochati. He’s the jubilant winner on election night. He announced that he wanted to speak to all democratic parties and extended invitations to the Green Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Free Democratic Party on Monday evening. But the state board says talks with the SPD and the Freedom and Justice Party are likely to be brief. Münsterländer Wust has been in office since October 2021. During the election campaign, he repeatedly made references to concessions to the Green Party – for example regarding the phase-out of lignite, the expansion of renewables and mobility. His former deputy, FDP head of state, Joachim Stamp, recently went so far as to say that the CDU would reveal all of its positions so that West could remain prime minister. But the CDU should not make it so easy for the Greens.

Mona new builder The Green Party leader appeared unusually withdrawn as she sped through the halls of the state parliament with her entourage on election night. Observers can sense that Neubauer lost the election. The party leader, who had never received a political mandate in her life, managed to triple the result of the 2017 elections. With a course in realpolitik, I was also able to reduce bookings in the economic camp. She recently invited Evonik President Christian Coleman to a party conference in Düsseldorf. Gemayel returned with a praise song for the environmental party. This should also reduce fears in the CDU ranks. Although Neubauer hails from Bavaria, she has lived in Düsseldorf since her studies and also feels like a native of Düsseldorf.

Bodo welding He is 63 years old from the city of Oberberg and has worked in the Federal Criminal Police Office for a long time, including as a bodyguard. With one break, he has been a member of the state parliament since 2005, initially focusing on local politics. When she lost the election in 2012, Laschet appointed Lötgen’s aggressive general secretary, and in 2017 became head of the parliamentary group after returning to Parliament, and, according to MPs, kept the store together in an authoritarian manner. Because of his good connections with the leadership of the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party, the one-vote majority did not become a problem. It remains unclear whether he will retain his position in this legislative period. You hear, he wanted it.

Felix Banzac Only the co-chair of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia was elected to the Bundestag last fall. The social policy specialist has already gained negotiating experience: he worked on a traffic light coalition agreement. There he chaired the green negotiating group Education and Opportunity for All. The 32-year-old had previously worked for MEP Sven Giegold and head of NRW’s European office in Düsseldorf.

Ina Scharenbach Since the slate in the CDU was never drawn due to the many direct mandates it won and because it was at a disadvantage in Una’s second constituency against former SPD Labor Minister Rainer Schmelzer, the Mayor and Construction Minister must be patient, on the Although it took second place on the list, before it could be included in Parliament it could move to it. One possible way to get there: Your foreign minister, Jan Heinich, has won a direct mandate, and therefore must relinquish his position as foreign minister. If he wanted to return to the ministry after the formation of the government, he could give up his seat and make way for his boss. He himself was said to have ambitions to succeed Armin Laschet. However, since the Prime Minister must be elected from among the members of the state parliament, she lacked basic requirements. The chairwoman of the Women’s Union works very hard. The weekend after the weekend, I traveled to the flood zone to talk to the locals. It was very upsetting when it became known that of all people she was participating in a controversial birthday party in Mallorca for the husband of fellow cabinet member Ursula Heinen Esser (CDU), who has since resigned. I later apologized for that.

Josephine Bol The co-chair of the Parliamentary Greens has her constituency in Münster. In the last legislative term, she was, among other things, the spokesperson for family policy and responsible for women’s and gay policy. She is in a relationship with the Saxon Minister of Justice Katja Mayer, who, like Paul, studied in Münster. Roughly a year before West was elected prime minister, Paul, 40, took over the leadership of the parliamentary group with Verena Schaeffer. Since then, she has made a name for herself in Parliament as a quick-tempered, aggressive and quick-witted talker.

Nathaniel Liminsky The man who pulls the strings is seen in the background. Faust once said that Liminski was the reason for the silent government in North Rhine-Westphalia. But recently, Nathanael Leminsky appeared in public more often due to his request for a seat in the state parliament. However, he had no realistic chance of obtaining direct mandate in the Ehrenfeld district of Cologne. He went to the green politician Arendt Kluck. Liminsky was already the head of the State Chancellery under Armin Laschet. Even political opponents often have to respect how well CdS, as it is officially known, is on all important issues at the state and federal level. The SPD attempted to address its Catholic family ancestry in the 2021 federal election campaign. But the shot backfired: a video of the corresponding campaign was disrupted again. Liminsky has now publicly distanced himself from previous critical statements on the topic of homosexuality.

Verina chevre The 35-year-old is a co-leader of the Green Party. Its subject area is domestic politics. However, it is unlikely that she will become Minister of the Interior. Hendrik Wüst will do everything to ensure that Herbert Reul (CDU) retains the job. Schaeffer comes from the left wing of the party, but she quickly made a name for herself with her enormous experience in the difficult field of domestic politics – this is recognized even in police circles. A mother of two made sure to create a children’s room in the state parliament for the first time. She seems to be managing the balancing act between family and hard work as a professional politician without any issues. Like Paul, she is considered an aggressive speaker and has regularly worked on the FDP in the last legislative term.

Serape Guler The CDU politician is a discovery by Armin Laschet. He met her in 2006 on the sidelines of an event, made her a chancellor in his role as Minister for Integration, and under Hannelore Kraft became Secretary of State for Integration. The liberal Muslim is a critic of the authoritarian policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. She has been a member of the Bundestag since the fall elections. Guler came into the spotlight in the context of the “Mallorca Affair” because she also attended Ursula Heinen Esser’s husband’s birthday party on the holiday island during the flood disaster.

Raoul Rosbach The job of the green politician is called the political director of state. Translated into other party terms, he is the General Secretary of the Green Party of North Rhine-Westphalia. Rosbach is a child from the Ruhr region, and he studied like Paul in Münster and like Neubauer in Düsseldorf. He is largely responsible for the electoral power of the party.

Here is the photo gallery: These 10 are talking about black and green today

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