Steam’s New Survival Game Convinces Vampires, Gets 88% Positive Reviews

A new game on Steam that combines the survival and vampire genre and managed to convince up to 70,000 concurrent players and 88% positive ratings a few days after release. Some players are already comparing the title to Walheim’s surprise hit.

what is the game? With V Rising, Stunlock Studios launched a new survival game on May 17, which is circulating as the new Valheim just days after its release.

V Rising is available in Early Access on Steam and costs €19.99 for the Standard Edition. The Survival Address has PvE and PvP servers and can be played both online and in LAN collaboration, according to Steam.

What makes V Rising different? In V Rising, you play a vampire in search of blood. You can also master different skills and weapons to adapt your character to your play style and protect yourself from the dangers of the open world.

One of the special aspects of V Rising is the presence of vampires, because the scorching sunlight is dangerous for you. Similar to Dying Light, you have to pay attention to the change in time of day and strategically plan your routes and chases.

If you want to know more about V Rising, watch our 2-minute video with all the info on the success of staying on MeinMMO:

All the info about the new Vampire Survival MMO on Steam – in 2 minutes

Comparison between V Rising and Valheim

What connects V Rising and Valheim? V Rising reminds many players of the survival of Walheim in one aspect in particular: the state. Although the vampire adventure is currently still in Early Access and therefore in development, it makes a very mature and polished impression.

The same was true for Valheim, when Early Access launched in 2021 and shortly thereafter inspired over a million players with Norse legends.

MeinMMO also reported on Valheim’s success in February 2021 and quoted comments from the community praising the state of the game during the Early Access phase.

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What do players say about V Rising? The majority of V Rising reviews posted on Steam are 88% positive. Here too, players compare the vampire title to the surprise that hit Valheim and express similarities or differences that they see in the gameplay of the two games.

MeinMMO shows you a selection of community reviews that reflect both the positive rating and the comparison of Valheim:

  • Keroz via Steam: “This game does so many things right that it’s hard to believe it’s still in Early Access.”
  • Dante/Rubi via Steam: “Very strong first impression. […] Fighting feels good. You can dodge, dodge and use different weapons. He looks a bit like Walheim in a vampire environment mixed with Diablo. Well invested money.”
  • Poods via Steam: “Early access but looks very mature. The developer seems very responsive on the community forums and I have great confidence in the future development of the game.”
  • Kobs via Steam: “Great game, takes a while to get used to but definitely give it a try. […] It’s a great mix of Diablo (hack ‘n’ slay), Valheim (Explore and Boss), Battlerite (dynamic combat), Rust (maintenance and raid), and others.”
  • MrNobody via Steam: “V Rising strikes the perfect balance between building, combat and a bit of knowledge and exploration. I would highly recommend it to fans of RPGs and vampires. It could also be the next big survival game.”

As V Rising takes you to a world inhabited by vampires, the recently announced survival game from Forbidden Studios called Among The Trolls takes you to the forests of the North and confronts you with Finnish folklore.

There you wake up in a strange world that you only know from the stories your grandparents told you. In this world of legends, the forest should not alienate. If you do, you must please him with offerings.

The new survival game on Steam depicts ultra-modern Finland as a magical place with trolls

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