Teen mom Jenelle Evans admits she’s disadvantaged after Nathan Griffiths announces surprise wedding

Teen mom Jenelle Evans has expressed how she feels after her ex-Nathan Griffith’s surprise wedding.

On Friday, little Jenelle’s dad revealed that he has secretly hooked up with his girlfriend Mai Oyola.


Nathan announced on social media, on Friday, that he married his girlfriend Mai Oyola


During a Q&A on Instagram, the MTV graduate opened up to fans about her mental struggles since her ex-husband dropped the news.

Jenelle shared that she was feeling “depressed,” which sparked more questions from her followers about her health.

A concerned fan asked the former reality star what her perfect getaway would look like during this difficult time.

Street. “Thomas feels at home to me,” replied she.

The father of teenage baby Nathan Griffith announced to Mama Jennell that he is married

Teen mom Jenelle showing off the car

Someone else encouraged the trip, telling the star that she and her husband, David Eason, should venture to the island.

Jenelle admitted that she prefers “to be alone” to deal with her feelings.

“Yes…I think being alone is what I need more than anything at this point,” she said.

Meanwhile, a third fan asked the mother-of-three, “What’s up” with her feeling this way.

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However, Jenelle did not reveal the reason for her gloomy attitude, replying, “If I could tell you everything I would do, now I don’t trust anyone.”

feeling low

Screenshots of Jenelle’s responses surfaced on Reddit, with fans speculating that Nathan’s impromptu marriage might be the reason behind her grief.

One user speculated that Jenelle was secretly hoping to reconnect with her ex, commenting, “She probably hopes it works out one day.”

Another person echoed the statement, believing that Nathan’s wedding stirred up her gloomy mood.

“People don’t connect with the fact that Jenelle might be depressed because Nathan got married. You and Nathan were supposed to get married in St. Thomas, right? They wrote something like that.”

While a third person suggested that difficulties recently in her work life might be the cause of her depression, she wrote, “This may be the cherry on top but I think her life choices/job loss due to consequences has more to do with it. Do it.”

The 30-year-old also shared a TikTok video describing her feelings while the new mom sat on the Adirondack chair in her backyard.

Jenelle was dressed in shorts, a loose-fitting T-shirt and sunglasses, her dark hair in a loose bun over her head.

She looked annoyed as she leaned back on the arm of the chair and sipped a drink.

A recording playing in the background shows a woman saying she is “not happy” and eating things “on a daily basis”.

Jenelle echoed her sentiments in the caption, “Ride the wave of depression.”

wedding surprise

Nathan made an unexpected announcement about his marriage to May via social media.

The former Teen Mom 2 star did not provide any additional information other than announcing that he “married May Oyola today”.

The 34-year-old had not previously announced that he was in a relationship with May before the news was dropped.

According to her Instagram profile, not much is known about Nathan’s new bride apart from the fact that she is based in Miami, Florida.

On Facebook, May has kept most of her details private but has shared several selfies.

rock relationship

Fans know Nathan better from his appearance in Teen Mom 2 when he was in a relationship with Jenelle.

While he was already the father of a daughter born in 2011 with ex-wife Allison Stevens, he welcomed son Kaiser with Jenelle three years later.

Nathan was engaged to Jenelle; However, the couple will call it an end when their spin-off relationship plays out on the small screen.

In 2015, Jenelle was arrested on a first-degree domestic violence charge against Nathan, though the personal trainer dropped the charges.

Nathan was arrested the same year for domestic violence against Jenelle as the two were parting ways.

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We don't know who the parents of our children are and we don't want it any other way

Jenelle is married to David, 33, and they have a daughter, Inslee, five.

The TV star is also a mother to 12-year-old son Jess with ex-husband Andrew Lewis.

Jenelle and Nathan are parents to their seven-year-old son, Kaiser


Jenelle is married to David Eason, and they have a five-year-old daughter, Inslee


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