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In an increasingly digital world, the office cannot stand still in time. Installed and maintained by experts, the cloud integration saves busy schedules thus creating a more interesting overview for everyone on the team.

Digital workplace: “It’s not my place (in a 9-5 world).” The Ramones family sang it back in 1981, and it’s more true today than ever. Since millennials entered the workforce, the topic of work-life balance has been hotly debated once again.

More than just a vision: a digital workplace

In Austria, for example, there has been a 12-hour day and a 60-hour week since 2019, purportedly to give employees more flexibility in their careers. A large percentage of companies already accept it You don’t necessarily want to be in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. every day or can. That’s why you can find more and more ads on job portals Flexible working hours Taste. In many of these job postings, it is certain that the modern world needs modern working hours.

Simple data exchange and transparency

Then it turns out that this just means that you can choose what time you want to come to the office between eight and ten. After the pandemic here and now, it will become clear whether companies want to continue to enable the home office or whether the old routine will return and managers will become nervous and impatient again if they are not constantly informed about times and activities. Needless to say, the unexpected can also happen. Sometimes you have to schedule an outside appointment or the kids want to pick them up from school.

By using the cloud – built into a company’s IT network – you can create security for the company and freedom for employees. With one click you can indicate when you are working and when you are taking a short break to get something done. The simple exchange of data across cloud services and the transparency associated with them provide a solid foundation for the digital workplace. The team doesn’t just benefit from migrating to the cloud. By modernizing the applications and work environment, companies will remain competitive in the future and on top of their industries.

With trust and transparency in the cloud…

People often tend to shy away from change or sticking with what has been tried and tested, but we simply can’t avoid digitization and anyone who wants to take advantage of it isn’t difficult at all, because modern cloud services can put businesses in a fast digital streak.

All employees have access to the necessary tools and thus can create more freedom in terms of digital workplace design. By automating routine tasks, time can be saved here that can be used more sensibly elsewhere. From individual businesses to businesses, modern cloud solutions offer capabilities and solutions that can be flexibly adapted and ensure that both employees and customers use their time more efficiently. No more searching for presentations stored on any computer or USB drives you take with you.

And on the fundamental question of whether a digital workplace means an advantage for the team: Yes, because digital means simpler, more secure, sustainable and smarter work.

So why not try something new – it might be good!

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The author Bernhard Fieglmüller is CEO of Cloud Pilots.

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