This is how the city celebrates the winners of the Champions League

DrThe first fans, who supposedly simply continued the night’s festivities, had already stayed in Römerberg in the morning. A sound check on the pitch is already underway. But Frankfurt still enjoys a few hours of calm before the big storm: Eintracht’s side are not expected to return to the airport from Seville until around 5:30pm after winning the Europa League. Although the official plan is for the team to introduce themselves to fans from 7 p.m. on the balcony of Römer Town Hall, the timing is considered highly unrealistic given the expected rush of fans along the parade route, where the team will likely meet in an open truck that will move to City center via Sachsenhausen and Untermain Bridge.

Eintracht, who is responsible for the show, announced the track via social media. Arrival in Römer, where the team is welcomed at Kaisersaal and then has to sign the city’s Golden Book, will likely be much later than expected, and the celebration will be pushed back until the evening.

Eight big screens in different places

At Kaisersaal, one or two politicians will praise Eintracht for their heroic deeds before the team takes to the balcony and presents the trophy. Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) declared that night, “We will warmly welcome Eintracht to Römerberg after they return.”

The Römerberg itself was cordoned off once it filled up with people. Followers who arrive later can take part in the events on the big screens of Paulsplatz, Rathenauplatz or Rossmarkt as well as four screens on the north bank of the River Main. According to Tourismus + Congress Frankfurt GmbH (TCF), which is responsible for the organization and security concept for the off-screen reception and Kaisersaal, at least 50,000 people should have the best view of these screens. For comparison: at the reception after winning the DFB Cup in 2018, an estimated 35,000 people were present around Römerberg to celebrate the team.

Potential and anticipated additional crowds of people have already returned, including most of the 50,000 fans who were in Seville and celebrating, so it is hoped that it will be distributed along the parade route. So Mayor Feldman appealed to the masses. “Until it doesn’t go well: So I’m asking everyone to follow the instructions of security and law enforcement officers,” Feldman said. “An event like this is teamwork like winning in football. It only works if everyone comes together.” The city is once again asking all visitors – including those who come from far away – to use local public transportation in any event.

Thunderstorms should spare Frankfurt greatly

There will be virtually no parking facilities in downtown Frankfurt. For example, parking garages are closed. Trains and Buses announced that they would expand their offerings.

Police expect more than 100,000 football fans to flock to the city centre. Frankfurt Police will be present with several police officers throughout the city. She explicitly called for a “historic victory to be celebrated in abundance but peacefully.” “This beautiful occasion leaves no room for anything but pure joy,” she wrote. “Avoid crowding into seats that are already full. Please use the alternate areas available. Pay special attention to the young among us. Children can.”

There was also a hint of drinking enough fluids due to the warm temperatures also rising in a crowd.

photo series

Celebrating Eintracht fans

Seville night

A little uncertainty fueled the weather forecast in Hesse in the morning: Thunderstorms and storms are expected. The German weather service, which has been warning of severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and wind gusts for Thursday and Friday since Wednesday, gave complete serenity to Frankfurt when asked – Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region outside the danger zone. This includes mainly North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of the Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and western Lower Saxony. According to meteorologists, the probability of severe weather on the Main is low.

According to the forecast, heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely in the late afternoon and especially in the early evening hours of Thursday, but the possibility of severe weather conditions with heavy rain, storms and hail is not very great, they said. In addition, the risk is already lower in the late evening hours in warning areas. So if you have a little patience and don’t drive downtown until the evening after it rains, you can get an advantage: you have to be there in time before the team. “Of course we have to monitor the weather and are in contact with the German weather service,” a TCF spokeswoman said upon request.

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