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HOUTHALEN-HELCHTEREN, Belgium, March 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/

Business improvement program culminates in rebranding

Radiant Color, the leading manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments, has unveiled a new brand identity that symbolizes the company’s business transformation into the future and reaffirms its commitment to improving colors for customers.

Radiant Color – a division of the DayGlo Color Group – is locally operated by Frank Rutten. After Cathy McKinley was appointed as President of the DayGlo Color Group in 2019, the company began implementing process improvements in all areas of its business, from manufacturing and sourcing to customer service and research and development.

“The transformation started by looking at our customers and their markets and how we can support their business,” said McKinley, the ideal partner for future collaborations. Similar to our pigments, this renaming is dynamic and demonstrates that our color is a catalyst that inspires us and our customers and creates new possibilities.”

To meet customer demand, the company has invested in capacity expansion and improvements that allow Radiant Color to produce better products faster and more efficiently. Sustainability is at the forefront of improvements to the Radiant Color process. An example is reducing water consumption in production, which saves millions of liters every year.

Radiant Color has also expanded its product range to offer more sustainable products, most notably with the launch of its Esentus and Elara product lines.

Ezentus is a new class of formaldehyde-free, high-performance fluorescent pigments. Dyes are made from easy-to-use materials that eliminate chemicals of concern without sacrificing performance. These versatile pigments can be used in a variety of applications where conventional fluorescent dyes cannot be used, for example in printing inks, coatings, soft PVC and EVA foam.

Radiant Color will soon release benzoguanamine-based fluorescent dyes with low formaldehyde content (below 140ppm) for a wide range of applications such as solvent-resistant inks, coatings and flexible plastics.

In addition to the current ICE series of cosmetics and personal care, Radiant Color began to offer Elara. Elara pigments can be used in oil-based solvents or water-based formulations and use a revolutionary new thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to solvents commonly used in nail polish and hairspray. This dye is suitable for all types of personal care products including makeup, lip gloss, lipstick, lotions, soap, face paint, temporary hair color and nail polish.

Radiant Color has also developed pigments suitable for polyolefins for injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding, as well as engineering resins, plastisol and vinyl resins. These pigments provide excellent dispersion, heat stability and improved light stability in plastic applications such as product packaging, toys and safety equipment.

“Improving operations has been central to our ability to grow as a company,” McKinley said. “We truly come to work every day with a living imagination to reimagine how color brings our lives with breakthrough developments for brands and companies that can inspire and improve. At Radiant Color, and throughout DayGlo, we are The embodiment of the expression of color. We are excited to introduce our new brand that matches our brightest and boldest ideas to our customers.”

The brand’s new icon, known as the Color Burst, perfectly embodies Radiant Color’s commitment to being a reinvented company capable of creating new possibilities. Color Explosion symbolizes the dynamic science of fluorescent color by activating photons in a precise geometric fashion. Its dynamic energy exemplifies Radiant Color’s ability to constantly reinvent itself while offering customers a high-quality, industry-leading product.

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Radiant Color is a leading manufacturer of fluorescent daylight pigments, developing technology that enhances and enhances each color. Headquartered in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium, Radiant Color manufactures dyes, inks, inks, coatings and fluorescent dispersants that can be used in a variety of applications including plastics, food and beverage, safety equipment and consumer products. It is a subsidiary of the DayGlo Color Group. The company also distributes the Sterling and Swada brands of fluorescent dyes in Europe and other parts of the world www.radiantcolor.com


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