Used car sales of the future: Lueg launches innovative hybrid concept in Essen-Kray

The Lueg Group wants to take the used car business to a new level in Essen-Kray. To this end, the auto dealer has focused GW’s marketing of the Mercedes-Benz brand from ten companies across the Ruhr region and, together with the manufacturer, has developed an innovative on-demand concept that aims to seamlessly connect the growing online business with local car dealerships. .

The family business promises customers a special shopping experience. “By combining the digital and analog customer journey, we are improving our used vehicle portfolio,” Lueg Board Member Benjamin Kaiser said Thursday in the official presentation. They are delighted that Mercedes has chosen the Group as a partner for this pilot project, which is unique in the industry. Jens Kunath, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Vertriebs Cars Deutschland (MBD), emphasized that the two companies represent an exclusive customer experience.

With the so-called “Used Car on Demand” concept at Essen-Kray, the desired vehicle is selected from the Lueg car pool exclusively online – interested parties only come to the GW Center for an exclusive presentation and test drive. “With this hybrid, we are responding optimally to their needs,” explained Tim Roderwieser, Head of Lueg’s Used Vehicle Division.

Automatic scanner at work

For useful information about used cars on the Internet, the dealer relies on the Twinner car scanner. This completely digitally registers the vehicle in just a few minutes and creates a digital twin for it. Roderwieser: “Prospective customers receive all relevant information at a glance via a 360-degree view.” Thanks to the 4K resolution, they can almost zoom in on the car within a few millimeters.

According to the information, all used cars offered by the group are available in Essen-Kray. After selecting the vehicle and date, the vehicle is fitted “just in time” – according to Lueg, the industry’s first. A little later it was ready in the delivery hall. “We welcome our customers to the lounge and advise them on the vehicle of choice,” Roderwieser says. Atmosphere and function are designed according to the Mercedes brand strategy “MAR2020”.

Another advantage of the “on-demand” concept: Lueg can keep the sales area small compared to previous sales models and thus increase efficiency. Kaiser: “Our new center is the first classic used car location without a physical showroom. Our customers only see the vehicle they’ve previously selected.” In this context, Kaiser referred to Mercedes’ announcement that it will drastically reduce the sales space for its cars by 2028 (informed us). Therefore this strategic approach is proactively adopted.

Keyless test drive

Customers should also take advantage of the smaller area. Instead of walking through large, windy outdoor areas, they drop in and out for an Essen-Kray test drive in the delivery area directly connected to the lounge – always dry and warm. The test drive itself is without a key, which is also new. Car key replacement app. A Lueg expert will set up the application on site.

Interested parties who come to the company can also automatically select a used vehicle digitally and then test drive it. “This is one of the Centre’s strengths: we respond to the desire for digital availability of our vehicles without forgetting our roots in fixed retail business,” explained Hendrik Muller, Managing Director of Lueg Solutions.

Other sub-steps in the buying process are also efficiently organized and digitized, as Lueg CEO Martijn Storm emphasized: “Our goal is clearly stated: in the ideal case, our customers come for a test drive and leave with a contract to purchase the site and car of their dreams.” There is also a “service factory” on site for after-sales services. This can do all the repair and maintenance work. A total of about 110 people work at the smallest of Luigi’s sites.

Kaiser concludes, “With this comprehensive concept, we stand out from the crowd, especially compared to online service providers.” This year, about 7,500 used cars will be marketed on site and sales are around 200 million euros. Over the medium term, sales officials see potential for up to 15,000 used cars per year.

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