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On May 23, 2022, Deutsche Bahn wants to start pre-sales of a €9 ticket. However, the measure of the relief package still had to be passed by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. © aal.photo | imago

For €9 throughout Germany: Possible with a €9 ticket. Deutsche Bahn is now announcing the start date for pre-sales of the monthly ticket.

BERLIN – Deutsche Bahn has officially announced the start date for presales of the €9 ticket, which comes as a measure of the 2022 relief package. Accordingly, consumers can buy a cheap €9 monthly ticket from DB from May 23, likely for all three months of June to August. But there is still a problem, which is why the pre-sale of the ticket for 9 euros may be on the edge.

Because the prerequisite for the start of pre-sales is that the Bundestag and the Bundesrat approve the project from the 2022 relief package next week. However, the obstacle does not seem small at the moment, since many federal states ban the cheap 9 euro monthly ticket, which you can buy in Hamburg, for example, not only from HVV, but also from Deutsche Bahn . threatened. Countries such as Bavaria or Lower Saxony threaten to boycott because they fear that they will get stuck at the cost of a 9-euro ticket.

Buy a €9 ticket from 23 May: available from the Deutsche Bahn in the app browser, from ticket machines and at DB travel centers

According to Deutsche Bahn, the €9 ticket will be available from May 23, 2022 via the DB Navigator app and all other digital railway channels. This is what Deutsche Bahn told consumers to know on Sunday, May 15, 2022, so that travelers can travel through Germany with a ticket of 9 euros by bus and train. “It will also be available at approximately 5,500 Deutsche Bahn ticket machines and more than 400 decibel travel centers at train stations,” she added.

An inexpensive monthly ticket allows travelers to travel around the country using local public transport for nine euros. Trains such as ICE, IC or EC are excluded from the savings offer.

The €9 ticket is valid for the months of June, July and August – request an extension until December

In June, July and August, the €9 ticket aims to give consumers the opportunity to travel around the country on local and regional transport for – in addition to the planned fuel discount on diesel and petrol, which will take effect on June 1 and could cause Mayhem at gas stations, child bonus, fixed energy price and Hartz IV subsidy – to put people in Germany at ease due to increased costs.

Moreover, the cheap savings offer should serve another purpose. The €9 ticket as a tasting show aims to incentivize drivers to increasingly choose buses and trains as their mode of transportation. With the €9 ticket, there is a “unique opportunity to spark more people’s interest in local public transport and long-term climate-friendly rail,” explained Jörg Sandfo, president of the railway subsidiary DB Regio. To do this, the €9 ticket must first be approved by Parliament and then the Bundesrat next week.

Payment from the left pays towards the extension of the ticket 9 euros. You can extend the offer until December to create a “bus and train booster” with a €9 ticket.

An important exception to the €9 ticket: an inexpensive monthly ticket valid only for the month in question

According to Deutsche Bahn, a ticket of €9 will always be valid from the first to the last day of each month. If you only buy a €9 ticket in the middle of the month, the monthly ticket can only be used for the remaining half of the month. This means that the €9 ticket cannot be carried over to the next month.

Buy a €9 ticket for June, July and August: a monthly ticket must be available for all months from May 23

Good news for travelers who want to buy a monthly ticket of €9. Because once the Bundestag and Bundesrat have passed the project, it will be possible to purchase tickets for all three months at the same time from the start of sales on May 23. This means that interested parties will not have to buy a 9 euro ticket each month.

The federal government is funding the project by transferring €2.5 billion to the states to offset lost income.

€9 ticket from the 2022 relief package: costs and financing for the dispute between the federal and state governments

However, the measure’s planned funding of the relief package is causing a dispute between the federal and state governments. Bavaria’s Minister of Transport, for example, recently got involved in the political debate and threatened to disrupt Bavaria in the Bundesrat. If the federal government thought it could be commended by the federal states for a three-month consolation and that others have to foot the bill, it got it wrong,” said Bavarian Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU). German news agency in Munich.

A few weeks ago, Saxony’s transport minister criticized federal and state funding plans. “The Federal Department of Transportation is now trying to transfer some of these costs to the federal states and offset them against the Corona rescue package on public transportation,” Martin Dolig said, according to a statement. “But if you ask, you have to pay,” the Dresden politician continued.

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