When is professional help for couples useful?

Time and time again, couples are faced with the question of whether the relationship is doomed to failure or can still be saved. But once problems arise, not many know How do you work on the relationship? And what do you do to save them. Therefore, the last resort is often couples counseling. But couples therapy isn’t always possible the solution He is. We explain when it is worth seeking professional help.

What is couples counseling anyway?

Everyone knows the terms couples therapy or marital counseling, but what can you imagine? Basically, couples can work with therapists or relationship coaches Talk openly about any problems in the relationship. The marital therapist remains neutral and tries to empathize with the situations involved. become together Solutions and methods It was formulated to help a married couple solve their problems in the future does not depend on to be able to solve it.

It works for a lot of people deterrent to treatment He explains that the relationship is about to end. But there is no shame in seeking professional help to work on yourself together. On the one hand, testify to Energy To take this step, on the other hand, seemingly unsolvable problems can be resolved faster than you initially thought with a few tips and tricks from the experts.

When is couples counseling useful?

Basically, the marital therapy step occurs in many relationships Too late And the problems are so serious that it is often very difficult to get rid of them. In fact, couples counseling can Already in a healthy relationship They are useful when issues arise that cannot be clarified satisfactorily to both parties. The topics can be very different: dissatisfaction in sexual life, poor communication and misunderstanding or unsatisfied needs are just a small group of potential conflict points. And the longer conflicts persist, the more often these patterns become difficult to break through.

Couples counseling is especially important, however, when conflicts relate to everyday relationship Harmonious coexistence and passion hardly seem possible. In some cases, these issues can affect our problem Psychological health effect, which is why it makes sense to seek help. together can vicious circle It can be hacked into therapy and different solutions can be devised in order to be able to better resolve conflicts in the future.

How does couples therapy work?

There is There is no global schemeWhich can be passed on to all couples but the content and themes depend on the couple’s goals. The goal doesn’t always have to be to save the relationship; In some cases, therapy helps couples reasonably separate.

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In the first conversations, the expert tries to get an idea of ​​the relationship and analyze it The dynamic between the two partners. However, the goal of the therapist is not the individual parties to shoot or to change it drastically. Rather, it is about investigating the causes of conflicts.

So counseling for couples is a two-way process, Both partners have to do their part to solve the problems. This basic insight is important for the couple to understand how disagreement arises. Instead of changing the partner, the couple learns in therapy More admission to develop for each other.

After the processor obtains an initial image of the initial position, the next step is to work together Solution to work out. An attempt was made to bring to the fore the positive aspects and characteristics of the partner in question, since they are often forgotten after long quarrels. Between individual sessions, couples have the opportunity to implement the solutions they have developed in everyday life. Then in the next session Discuss progress and problems encountered. In this way, we can discover together which ways have been helpful and which should become an integral part of the relationship in the future.

3 things to consider when giving couple counseling

Marital therapy can be a last resort in a relationship. But there is no guarantee that the problems will simply resolve on their own. It takes a few things for the help to be successful:

  • It’s better to be very early than it is too late: Couples often have significant contraindications to seeking help. But the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to resolve conflicts. That’s why it’s never wrong to ask for help and try it out together.
  • Understanding and willingness to compromise: A relationship coach is not a lifesaver who can solve relationship problems on his own. To be able to resolve conflicts, both parties must be willing to work on themselves and understand each other.
  • patience: Anyone who thinks that all problems will be solved after the first session is unfortunately wrong. It is often a long process and the first successes are noticed only after several sessions. That is why you should not lose patience, but always stay on the ball.

Bottom line: Couples counseling can always be helpful

It’s never too early to turn to relationship experts to solve relationship issues. The relationship does not have to be about to end, because by then it may already be too late. You should also know that a therapist alone cannot save a relationship, but always on ready husbands Arrival Marriage counseling can be useful in order to find a common denominator in everyday life.

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