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SPORT BILD: Mr. Gulacsi, this is your third time with RB Leipzig German FA Cup Final. She lost her first two finals: 3-0 against Bayern and 4-1 against Dortmund. How do you see the opportunities now?

Peter Glassy (32): 50:50. Freiburg played a great season. But of course we want fate: all good things come in three packages!

Freiburg residents are convinced – with the exception of RB fans – that all German football will keep its fingers crossed for Freiburg, not Leipzig. How is it when everyone is against you?

As far as I know, we got many tickets for the final stadium like Freiburg. The Curve is filled with 30,000 fans, all of which come in white. It would be really good, really loud! Also in 2019 there were many neutral spectators for us and not Bayern. And whether the people standing in front of the TV keep their fingers crossed to Freiburg or not – we don’t notice it in the stadium. I don’t see such a rejection yet, as it was read again last time.

RB Freiburg has forbidden the use of its logo in joint fan articles. Other clubs boycott the coat of arms of Leipzig. What do you think?

The topic is not new, we can hide it nicely. Unsurprisingly, this again comes before the end when you are the focus. As footballers, we simply want to respect our achievements, and I think we deserve a lot of recognition for our successes in recent years and we feel that too. One thing is clear: we don’t want to share the cup with anyone (laughs).

Fan support is currently an issue with RB. Fans discuss among themselves why there were only 800 in Bergamo and 1,000 in Glasgow for the second leg of the Europa League semi-final – when around 2,500 tickets were available. After the first leg win over Rangers, coach Domenico Tedesco said: “Well, there’s a better mood, I’ll tell you that honestly.” Do you wish you had the support of Frankfurt, for example?

I still find it impressive how much support our already 13 year old club is. Don’t underestimate it. Everything else has to evolve and will evolve. For example, there is the fact that many young fans far from home have reached an age when they can travel at all. For the cup final, I’m sure our curve will shake. And if my information is correct, nearly 30,000 season tickets have been sold for the upcoming season.

Has the cup win become more important after the Europa League ended in Glasgow?

Glasgow was so bitter! We had a great chance of a European final, which doesn’t come every day. Now it’s about slowly proving to ourselves and others that we can win titles. The party in the Bundesliga promotion in Leipzig was intense. If we get the cup, the city will tremble even more.

Was it also a great season when you lost the cup final – like Tedesco said before the Rangers were eliminated?

Indeed, it is already the best season in the club’s history thanks to the renewed qualification for the Champions League. For me personally, the first nickname for “super season” should be added. I am so honest. But we have something on our hands to make it happen.

You donate your premiums to good causes. Where will the money go to win the cup?

The team will get a reward for the trophy, so we were thinking of something in the dressing room. But with my personal rewards, we organize a camp for socially disadvantaged children at Lake Balaton in Hungary in the summer. I will be there myself.

The presidents want to keep all-stars like Christopher Nkunku or Konrad Laimer. does it work?

I have great confidence in the club. What I can say from the dressing room: Everyone is in the mood for RB. Lately we’ve been through a phase where every match counts. Where did you get this? that’s cool! And if someone leaves, we’ve proven that we can still take steps forward and celebrate new successes. I hope to win the cup this year!

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