With the village shop and cafe to a better future

More than just a shopping opportunity: Reverend Alfred Bender blessed the buildings and merchandise on display at the new village store.

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 7 a.m., a new era begins at Forsthart: Hubert Hartl and Thomas Schafflhuber have opened their village shop with an integrated café in the heart of the village. The Managing Directors brought in Andrea Hartl, Monica Schaffelhuber, Jenny Hartl, Claudia Salatmayr and Angela Froehler as an excited team. Reverend Alfred Bender blessed the building on Wednesday in the presence of many guests of honor, friends and family.

When the doors of a traditional Baumgartner store closed for good for personal reasons on December 31, 2021, not only did a decade-long era come to an end. For many villagers, this also meant a severe setback in terms of local supplies. Until then, they could have walked briskly or cycled into the city center to buy fresh bread rolls, fruit, veggies, or other daily necessities, but suddenly they needed a car to go shopping in Gerges, Konsing or Osterhofen – quite a challenge for seniors without a driver’s license .

A solution had to be found as quickly as possible. Mayor Siegfried Loebmayer has pulled out all stops to give Hartlern a chance to shop again. He found in Hubert Hartl and Thomas Schafflhuber two experienced entrepreneurs who had the courage to do new things. Since the beginning of March, the two have been boldly breathing new life into an old building on Hauptstrasse that has been empty for months and is owned by the municipality of Konsing. For support, businessmen are a little absorbed with the rent.

What was created under the direction of Hartl and Schafflhuber exceeded all expectations: ceilings, floors and partition wall were torn, everything inside was meticulously plastered and painted. Modern interior design with cappuccino machine, freezers and shelves entirely at the expense of Hartl and Schafflhuber. The furnace was in the possession of the two and now found a new location. As soon as you enter the store, the delicious aroma of baked goods freshly prepared every day greets you on the right-hand side. The small place on the left invites you for coffee and cake. There is a screen that also provides entertainment there. When the weather is nice, a snack can also be enjoyed in the shaded area in front of the house.

The wide range of products on a shop space of 50 m2 is attractive and visibly arranged and leaves nothing to be desired. Large refrigerators keep fruit and drinks fresh. The village shop gets its weekly groceries mainly from the trading house Rau of Pfarrkirchen, which has been around since 1919, via sales consultant Josef Krawetz. Fruit and vegetables are delivered to operators by regional suppliers. To stock up on enough merchandise, a room rental in the immediate vicinity is nearing completion.

The municipality of Künzing took over the repair of the outer area. The paved entrance was created and planted for the disabled. The building has been completely repainted. Curved lettering “Dorfladen und Café” with an image of a hot cup of coffee—both thanks professionally to painter Josef Forster—was draped across the sides of the house.

On a Wednesday afternoon, visitors throng together to congratulate the opening with gifts or to get a first impression of Forsthart’s newest attraction. They enjoyed sandwiches, cakes, fruits and drinks. There were mayors Siegfried Loebmer and Franz Amris, the former MDB Barthel Klb, municipal councils and association boards, as well as contact persons from the companies involved in the renovation. He thanked the two businessmen, saying, “Without the great circle of friends, the support of our families, and the cooperation of competent companies, we would not have mastered this huge task.” Thomas Schaffelhuber summed up that it gives them all a good feeling that the shop is giving life to the village and that they are doing something good for the citizens.

For Team Hartler, it was, of course, a matter of putting the fresh start under God’s help. Reverend Alfred Bender blessed the rooms with prayer. “The village shop with a café is much more than a place to shop,” Pasteur Bender confirms. It will also become an important meeting place for people who will find an opportunity to exchange ideas there. Bender quoted Mark Twain as admitting to the founders’ “cutting” of the new venture “those who do not leave the old shore will not find new land”.

Mayor Siegfried Lobmeier also acknowledged an opportunity for a fresh start after last year’s “Super-GAU” by closing the Raiffeisen and Sparkasse branches as well as the Forsthart grocery store. He appealed to citizens to use the shopping facilities, “We are in our hands to make the village store a success.” He thanked Hartl and Schaffelhuber, who “have invested a lot of energy, money and time to realize their dream.

The new “Künzinger Zehner” comes just in time for the opening: a credit card-sized voucher can now be purchased at the City Hall for ten euros. In addition to the village store, it can also be exchanged at eight other stores in Kunzing municipality.

Opening hours from Monday to Thursday: 6.15 am to 1 pm; Friday: 6.15 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday: 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Sunday: 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM – Bachelor of

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