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Wolfgang Schäuble in remorse! His commitment to Armin Laschet cost the Federation the position of chancellor, but another mistake had an even more devastating effect. Talkmaster Sandra Maischberger takes recognition from the CDU’s big old man.


Wolfgang Schäuble (78, CDU). The gray supremacy of the Christian Democrats took a full eight-month break after the Laschet crash. Does the old horse want to get involved again?

Andreas Jassin (59). The head of the Doctors Committee calls for an immediate end to the muzzle requirement: For most citizens, the epidemic is “over”.

Christina Berndt (53). Science journalist (SZ) finds it “sad that the federal government wants to open up unfettered now, with this happening.”

Walter Setler (69). The actor had to lose feathers and cancel appearances during the pandemic.

Jagoda Marinic (44). The columnist (“Stern”) kept a diary on Corona.

Marcus Press (44). ARD correspondent in Brussels traveled through the Ukrainian war zone.

Five guests, three subjects, one stroke. How high is the rotation of the Zoff-o-Meter?

Talk host Sandra MeißbergerFoto: ARD

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Talk host Sandra Meißberger Photo: ARD

Start bashing Schroeder

The talk show host begins with a hot topic: “Yesterday the Federal Cabinet began the process of withdrawing the alleged privileges of former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Today we find out: EU MPs want to put him on the sanctions list.”

“When I see all the sanctions being imposed on pro-Russian people, it’s true, but I wasn’t going to pull it off, I’d put it on hold until he explained himself,” Setler says.

worst fear

Because, as the actor said with a thoughtful hand movement: “We do not know exactly what is breathing down his neck. Putin and his people are not worried!”

Actor Walter SetlerFoto: ARD

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Actor Walter Setler Photo: ARD

Setler’s sweet sentence: “If he’s back on the democracy side—he’s actually always been there, just a bit swept away at the moment—then he can get it back.”

top smack

German-Croatian Marinic is less forgiving: “I was wondering why it didn’t happen so long ago!”

Her broad accusation: “I don’t know of any country that will have a head of state (meaning: head of government) introduced by Russia after his term. The SPD should have sought talks much earlier. It is quite disturbing that Germany is not operating through Ostpolitik. This is amazing! “

Clarify criticism

So-yeon Schröder-Kim columnist quipped: “It’s not enough with Instagram photos where women are praying and hoping big change will happen.” “There is a system that is too big behind Schroeder to underestimate how to deal with Putin!”

Columnist Jagoda MarinicFoto: ARD

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Columnist Jagoda Marinic Photo: ARD

Marinic’s optimistic statement: “I’m glad that somehow we’re taking the step of sending him a signal that we won’t let him get away with it!” There is first applause for that.

coolest comment

Settler peacefully suggests that “the EU and NATO would do well to give Russia a security guarantee.” But: “Russia must first return to its borders.” Then the actor raises his hands: “With Crimea, this is another problem.”

On the other hand, the ARD reporter did not take any prisoners: “All fears and anxieties of Russia vanished when Russia took this step. It must now bear the consequences. ” Applause for that too.

Most of the historical argument

Marinic recalls the Balkan War: “I know this pacifist who thinks they do a good thing by not getting involved,” he reprimands. “When the international community does not act, people like Putin can say: Look at this West with its noble values, it does not make its hands dirty for you!”

Its crucial point: “The tendency to do nothing to stop the aggressors cannot be proven historically. It stopped the Nazis, and never will.”

“Putin has shown his face, and we would be naive if we didn’t interact with him,” Bryce says.

ARD reporter Marcus PressFoto: ARD

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ARD reporter Marcus PressPhoto: ARD

sincere acceptance

Then Schäuble sits at the table with the talk show host and faces a fundamental question: “Are you afraid of nuclear war?”

CDU Grande answers “yes” and admits: “Since Russia attacked Ukraine, I have no real idea how to get out of there.”

The most disturbing agreement

Because, continues Schäuble: “Everyone says that Putin should not win. Of course, if he wins, he continues. There are terrible similarities with developments between the two world wars.”

The most realistic comparison: “He said early on that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990/1991 was the greatest disaster of the last century and that he wanted to reverse it,” Schäuble recalls. “Another announced early on that he wanted to change the situation that arose after the First World War…”

Most cautionary examples

Schaeuble notes that it was only when France surrendered that the attempt to contain Hitler through appeasement was abandoned. The situation today is just as serious, and he does not envy the politicians who have to make decisions now.

Most emotional memories

The politician recalls the 1953 uprising that was crushed by Russian tanks when he was eleven years old: “Of course my parents were afraid!” The 1956 Uprising, the 1961 Berlin Wall, and the 1968 Prague Spring: “We thought it would never happen again.”

“None of the politicians who were alive at the time and did not agree that it would not happen again,” concludes Schauble, “should not criticize others – I do not.”

The most shocking single player

The talk show host shows an excerpt from an interview with Helmut Schmidt on April 28, 2015. At the time, I asked if Putin could still be trusted after the Crimean attack.

Schmidt’s answer: “Trust has been destroyed by foolish offers and intentions on the part of the European Union. Trying to expand the European Union to Ukraine, and at the same time to Georgia, and preferably Armenia, is all largely nonsense. This is a geopolitical childhood.”

The hardest criticism

Well – it looks as if Putin later understood his war of aggression. “do you agree?” Maischberger wants to know who Schäuble is. The answer: “No, but Helmut Schmidt was no longer the youngest at that time. That was not his best statement in the interview. It should not have been on the show.” “Ah!

Then the seasoned politician leans forward forcefully: “What Putin sees as a threat,” he explains, “is that the free, rule-of-law-based democracies in his neighborhood look more attractive than his dictatorship.” Boom!

The clearest criticism of the advisor

Today, Schäuble justifies his own policy as follows: “Of course, after the annexation of Crimea, we will not have Nord Stream 2 under any circumstances … I even said this as a member of the government led by Chancellor Merkel. It did not make her happy. “

“It was a mistake,” he now admits. I’ve always said it: It was a mistake. She knows I didn’t get along with her, as so many others did.”

A crucial question for the evening

The talk show host put the gun to his chest: “If you knew that at the time, you had to ask why didn’t the federal government at the time take the consequences of not expanding the gas and dependency relationship?”

But she didn’t put that pudding on the wall: “Because she hoped it wouldn’t be so,” replied Schäuble. Then he raises his hands defensively and repeats: “Whoever started there now, I knew that two years ago – I don’t want to do that because he knows everything after the fact.” But wasn’t that exactly what he was trying to do?

worst retreat

“We all hoped that wouldn’t happen. Many were still hoping for it until the invasion on February 24,” Schäuble says, annoyed. But Meischberger still keeps digging into the wound: “Was that looking away? Don’t want to believe it?

Schäuble drops his hands on the table in his resignation. He replied with a sigh: “Okay.” But then he collects himself: “I think the debate seems a bit backward. It doesn’t help us now either. We don’t need faint-hearted quarrels now, who is right, or who has acted stupidly…” Fool! The treatment is different…

The clearest admission of guilt

On the other hand, Schäuble was quoted on the ARD page of the Meishberger talks as saying: “From today’s perspective, it was a mistake not to give Ukraine a chance to join the 2008 NATO Summit.”

And: “I also thought that we should cooperate with Russia. Today I know: I was wrong, we are all wrong. “Amen!


It was easier for Schäuble when he was also asked about Schroeder. First, he shrugs it off: “The debate is a bit boring for me!” But then comes the simple text: “However, I find it really lousy for a former federal advisor to work for a foreign company. You don’t. I actually feel sorry for him.”

Then the Zoff-o-Meter ignites

Jasin and Berndt are said to be arguing about Corona. “The mask is just one piece of the jigsaw,” says the chief medical officer. It has a very high symbolic value in Germany. There are people who should actually wear it. “

“This is a fake discussion!” scolds the journalist. “We have many millions of people still at risk. And when the buses and trains are full, we still have a great danger.”

last stand

Jasin called the Minister of Health an hour before the show: “It was about the question: How do we go into the fall? The killer alternative is not coming.”

Berndt contrasts: “I wouldn’t be sure about that.”

But the chief physician remains optimistic. Meischberger asks, “Insurance or Christmas market?” His answer: “I suppose it’s a Christmas market.” Thank God!

Quote from the evening

science where it is. Christina Berndt


Questions with pliers, professional answers, a survey unit, light regrets, and lots of applause: This was a talk show in the Confession Walk category.

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