Ainred with new plans: future trailer

Make way for a spaceship on wheels! After Ainred introduces a self-driving truck, the next explosion follows – a futuristic trailer. What is it all about.

Attention, the future is here! The new trailer is streamlined and elegant. It can be combined with different electric trucks – with or without a driver. The inventor of the elegant semi-trailer is Swedish technology company Einride, which is once again making a name for itself with an exceptional transport concept.

The futuristic semi-trailer has not only an unusual appearance without consistent aerodynamic corners, edges and panels. It is also fully integrated into the new digital and electrical ecosystem that the logistics sector is making great efforts to build.

What battery packs can do in trailers

For example, instead of a pallet box, large groups of batteries with a capacity of 320 kWh are located to the left and right of the frame, which should enable a battery-powered electric tractor to cover a range of up to 650 kilometers per charge, as announced by Ainred representatives in Conference held in Gothenburg on Thursday. In addition, fleet operators can pull a large amount of data from the trailer. This was made possible thanks to the single-flight digital platform “Saga”, to which many new applications have been linked.

Ainred wants to help shippers switch to electric propulsion and help them meet their sustainability goals at a competitive cost, said Robert Falk, president of Ainred. “We are dealing here with almost an entire sector that has not yet been electrified,” said the company’s founder.

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The electric semi-trailer is the first of its kind in its concept, developed by Einride for seamless integration with electric and autonomous tractors. The images give an impression of what the car could look like later, but the designs will have to be developed further in the near future. According to Aynred, the plan is to complete production for an initial beta phase in 2023.

What data do data fleet operators receive

The aerodynamic trailer aims to give trucking companies access to a wide range of relevant data: “Using the Saga, the Einride trailer delivers AI-based insights into the payload being transported by providing real-time data on critical touch points such as load path planning, Usage, freight control, and preventive maintenance supplies.”

With the help of Saga, fleet operators can control all vehicles and related operations. From October onwards, customers will also be able to access new functionality in the form of various apps on this platform, Einride reports. Evolve helps customers plan appropriate routes for electrical or automated processing. Explore provides information on costs, usage and CO2 emissions. “Book” enables fleet managers to track shipments. Orchestrate sees itself as a human-machine interface in transport control. More applications are under development. In addition, Einride has introduced a developer API (Application Programming Interface) called “Einride Extend”, which provides users with easier access to digital offerings.

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Just two months ago, Einride made headlines when the company announced that it would deliver a total of 300 electric trucks to Danish shipping company Maersk between 2023 and 2025. They will be powered by green electricity and used for road transportation in large US cities. In mid-December last year, the news that Ainred had ordered 120 eActros from Daimler Truck prompted people to sit up and take notice. This order is the largest single order for electrified trucks from a vehicle manufacturer to date. These vehicles will be used by select customers in Europe.

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