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After sometimes violent thunderstorms on Thursday, storms are also expected on Friday – particularly in the northern half of the BW.

On Friday evening and Saturday night there can be severe storms in Baden-Württemberg again. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of local thunderstorms with heavy rain, storms and hail. It was already very loud in parts of Baden-Württemberg on Thursday.

For parts of Germany north of Baden-Württemberg, the German Development Administration warned of the possibility of a “severe storm” with thunderstorms, hail and storms on Friday. Severe storms with large hailstones and possibly a hurricane are expected in the Rhineland-Palatinate. According to DWD, the highest level of warning (level 4) should be declared in many places. “This threatens significant damage as the thunderstorm complex extends,” said the meteorologist at the Department of Human Development.

In the Ahrweiler district of the Rhineland-Palatinate, school lessons were canceled on Friday due to storm warnings. Kindergarten children should also be cared for at home. Meteorologists expect some violent thunderstorms there with a risk of heavy rain. A flood disaster devastated large parts of the region last summer and claimed 134 lives.

At the weekend, it will be calmer and cooler again in Baden-Württemberg, according to SWR weather expert Andreas Machalica.

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The biggest storm damage is already on Thursday

Heavy thunderstorms erupted in parts of the country on Thursday. In the County of Ludwigsburg Firefighters had to go out on 200 missions. at Oberstenfeld Gronau Lightning struck the roof of a house and set fire to the roof truss. Police said the fire brigade managed to prevent a full-blown fire.

In Potwartal in the Ludwigsburg district, storms flooded the streets. People also had to fight with lumps of clay.

SDMG / Heyman

on the roads Mondelsheim And upper field Mud swept from nearby fields and a car sank in the half-meter flood for a brief period. Emergency services and residents worked well at night to clean streets, driveways, and basements of mud and water. In Oberstenfeld 50 and Mundelsheim 25 vaults were full. also in Vaihingen Ains And Bittigheim Bessingen And there were police and firefighters’ operations due to the heavy rain. According to the police, no one was hurt. It is not yet possible to estimate the extent of property damage caused by the storm.

at Stuttgarter Clete-corridor in front of the main train station was temporarily flooded after severe hailstorms. The severe weather warning for Baden-Württemberg was lifted on Thursday. at knightlingen (Enzkreis) The street had to be closed for a short time because water and mud from the sewage system entered the street.

The reason is the heat wave in southwestern Europe

According to Andreas Machalika, the extreme weather events are due to the current heat wave in southwestern Europe, where temperatures are expected to reach 40 degrees in the next few days. The heat wave spread across France to us and caused temperatures to reach 34 degrees on Friday. “This brings us to the absolute record signs for mid-May,” the meteorologist said.

However, with these temperatures, moist and humid air also comes to Baden-Württemberg, which has already led to heavy rain and thunderstorms on Thursday, according to Machalika. Thunderstorms had and still have severe weather potential “due to heavy rain, local hail and wind gusts”.


Sven Pleuger is one of Germany's most famous weather experts.  Wednesday night was a guest at Forum Daun.  (Photo: SWR)

Severe storms, such as those currently forecast in the Rhineland-Palatinate, will frequently come to us in the future. This is what meteorologist Sven Pleuger said on the sidelines of a lecture at Dawn.

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